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February 12, 2014 
Good Morning SCCC Family,        

* Breathtaking – Sunday afternoon we took in the Azteca Sonora Choir. Between the choir and the orchestra, there were 196 children involved, two of them thegreat grandchildren of our own Jack & Judy Locklair. The moment that captured the heart of the 800 in attendance was their rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus. It was phenomenol! Everyone in the house stood to their feet and applauded and cheered. What a response to such an amazing piece of music. It was worthy of a “hallelujah”. Jack & Judy saved us front row seats. We couldn’t have had a better vantage point. Thank you.
* Last Wednesday, Jeannine and I hosted our first “Party with the Pastor” evening. It was so good to have a number of the Mexican families of our church join us for dinner. What a treat to get to know these folks a little better. Next to our grandchildren, these guys have got to have the cutest kids I’ve ever met! Thanks for making our evening so special.
* PLEASE NOTE: our Future Deacons – Over the last couple of weeks, the deacons selected six individuals to approach to potentially fill three positions which come up for election on our Deacon Team this year. For various reasons, only 3 of those were able to let their names stand for this year.  In accordance with our Constitution, their names need to be presented to the congregation two weeks prior to the annual meeting. Their names are Jan SpringmanDi Monza and Bob Gibson. Because no election will now be required, these names will be presented to the congregation for ratification at the Annual Meeting on Feb. 27th. On behalf of the Deacons, I want to thank each of you who prayerfully considered this opportunity to serve our church. You are all greatly appreciated.
Talk Back Question of the Week – Ok, last week’s question worked. Thank you for the amazing response. Your feedback is so important in understanding the dna, the passions and the desires of our church family. Each church has its own particular dna. While our purpose will always be to bring Glory to God and while the Gospel never changes, the means we use to share that Gospel and the means we offer for participation with our church and community do change from church to church. Your response will help us greatly as we plan for continued ways to honor God with our future at SCCC.
Well, I’m “still a listenin’” so can I try one more question on you this week?

* As our name reflects, we are a “Community Church”. Our vision is to have an integrated church serving people from Mexico, USA and Canada. (Hopefully we can add a few more countries in the future. lol) The Question for you: If we could do one thing to better integrate the people who make up our church family, what would that look like in your eyes? Your response is welcome at 

* Please continue to pray for these folks who are battling with cancer:
     Ric Einfeldt, (bro in law of Maureen Davis), Donna Molden and Jean Baker.
My first wedding in Mexico – Last Saturday, Bob and Rachel “tied the knot” in our church. I was intrigued with the symbolism within this rich heritage. The wedding lasso and the provision, in particular, but all of these traditions symbolizing the “oneness” of marriage. Congratulations Bob & Rachel! On behalf of our church family, we wish you all of God’s best in the future. 
Healthy Relationships and how to maintain healthy relationships in our church was the focus of Nehemiah 5 last week. Nehemiah’s model for the building of and for the retention of friendships will serve us well. In the area of confrontation, we need to remember to: 1. Make sure it’s a moral issue; 2. Think before speaking; 3. Meet face to face; and #4, which is the most critical component: Seek Resolution. Godly confrontation must have this component at its very core. Otherwise, it simply leads to self endorsement. Nehemiah’s model leads to valuing people for who they are.

Praying you have a great week!
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine   

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