From the Pastor’s Desk #7

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February 19, 2014 
Good Morning SCCC Family,        

* A Digital Photo Directory of SCCC attendees is on its way! This Saturday before the Service and Sunday after the service, we have a photographer at the church taking pictures of all in attendance for our brand new directory. This is a gift from one of our San Carlos residents to our church family. Thank you Richard! 
* “Belen Casa de Pan” – (the ministry Devon & Marisol Kehler spearhead) Wiebes, Friesens, Kehlers, Mayra and Mettlewski’s, along with Jeannine and I got to serve approx. 50 children breakfast at the ministry site in Independencia last Saturday. I guess we had enough help! The humor of young Gabriel, (not the angel, by the way) kept us entertained while driving there and back. I don’t know if anyone can make a person feel as loved as the children we served do! If you get a chance to serve at one of these locations, you’ve got to go!
* Quote of the Week: “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.”  Hugh C. Cameron   What a great observation. Thanks for sending this, John!
* Our own Dan Atkinson is getting his knee replacement this week. Please pray for good results in his surgery and a quick recovery and rehabilitation period.
* A great idea I received by email this week. Marilyn suggested we put down our favorite Bible verse on a piece of paper and then insert these verses into the bricks/blocks as the building goes up. If you’d like to participate, write out one verse on a small piece of paper and we will insert these verses in an appropriate place in the wall as the building goes up. A great way to build on “God’s Word”, Amen!!!  Please leave your verse in the outgoing “Mail Box” at the church.
* Please continue to pray for Bill and Donna Molden. They are on such a difficult journey and they so need us to be praying for both of them.
* PLEASE NOTE: our Future Deacons – As mentioned last week, those who let their names stand for the role of Deacon are Jan Springman, Di Monza and Bob Gibson. These names will be presented to the congregation for ratification at the Annual Meeting on Feb. 27th.
* Don’t forget to save the date for the Annual Meeting- February 27th, 5:30pm, catered meal, some great entertainment during dinner and an opportunity to look into SCCC’s future. Don’t miss out!
* Talk Back Question of the Week – Thanks for your ongoing feedback. One of the highlights of this church is its diversity. I think it brings incredible honor to God as He watches us work together for His Glory. I confess though that I am terribly curious to know how many different denominations are represented within our church family. If you would simply click “reply” to this email and share the denomination of the church you attend back home, I would be so grateful.

* Our New Ministry Center is coming along wonderfully. For those of you who don’t get to see the progress, the floor has now been poured and yesterday, they started on the side walls. It is an exciting day. I was so encouraged last week when a family from our church brought lunch to the workers on site. What a great way to show your love and appreciation to these workers!
* Distractions are Satan’s way of keeping us from seeing God’s best happen in our lives. Nehemiah had his share of them in chapter 6. And he received such amazing insight and guidance from the Lord in dealing with these. I think what caught my attention the most was how the enemy entices us with good things, which are not necessarily the “best” things which God has intended for us. The challenge for each of us is to be aware of the schemes the enemy uses to distract us from our walk with Christ and the best way to recognize those is through living a life in the Word and Prayer.

Praying you have a great week!
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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