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March 04, 2014

Good Morning SCCC Family,        

* Thank you to the many that attended the Annual Meeting last Thursday. Great reports from each person and to hear a little about our connection with the different Missionaries SCCC supports was so encouraging. Thanks to each of you who made the evening possible.

Picture with me though, what God wants to do through us in 2014 – what could that look like – picture SCCC (that’s you and me) becoming more visible in our community, more involved in so many of the great mission opportunities all around us! Join with me in dreaming about, seeking God and asking Him to show us, to show you how you fit into this picture in 2014.

* God is at work! I have to tell you how much my heart was moved as I observed your response to God’s Word this past weekend. There was a small taste of it on Saturday, but on Sunday – to see the “altar” filled with people “havin a little talk with Jesus”, seeking after Him, and sealing their commitment to Him in prayer – God was so honored as you responded to Him.

* All Moved In! All is well, the garage looks more like a storage unit, but our new home feels cozy. It was really a pretty simple move – so thank you for your many offers to help. We are grateful. *** FYI – New Home Number 622-226-2094 ****

* Kind of a busy week, with AGM and moving, etc – so we didn’t get out as much as we’d like to, but we did see the Carnival” Parade late Sunday afternoon. Oh my goodness, those kids who participated must have been exhausted after an hour and a half of dancing along the parade route. It was great to watch, but next time we’ll be more careful where we park the car. I guess you’d call it “street parking” and I was proud of myself for finding a spot so close to the parade route. Only thing I didn’t know is the entire street would be used for parking during the parade AND during the “after” events. So when we got back to the car, there was no way to move until half a dozen other cars cleared the center lane!!! But eventually, with the help of a gracious police officer, and some clever backing up techniques which I learned on the farm, we did get on our way! Just another day in Paradise.

* Sat in on a small group this morning! Their greatest fear may have been that I’d tell you what happened there, but I won’t!  lol.  But seriously, what an encouragement to hear them bantering around questions about faith as they studied the word and what it means for us today! Hats off to every one of you who gets to enjoy one of these small group experiences.

* Please keep on praying for Mary Sprague as the Doctors look for the best way to deal with the cancer. Bill Molden still needs our prayers as he grieves the loss of his precious Donna. Keep praying for Jean Baker and Ric Einfelt as well.

* This weekend, we’re going to “install” the new Deacons who are joining the team. I think that’s the words we use in our church world. I hope the new deacons aren’t alarmed as this will look somewhat different than a “cupboard installation”. Our language is kind of funny sometimes when you think about it! Well what we’d like to do, is simply introduce them to you and pray for God’s blessing upon them.

* Nehemiah’s picture of God’s amazing Grace was the focus of ch.9 last weekend. How can an all knowing, all powerful, just, holy and righteous God have such a grace filled attitude? Check it out for yourself and re read the chapter. So thankful that He is my God, that even though I don’t understand fully His reasoning in all that He does, He still does all things well. That is so much more than a cliche, folks! I’m grateful for His model of Grace, which challenges me similarly. I don’t always get it right, and I’m thinking maybe that some of you don’t either, but the model in Ch.9 reveals the heart and nature of our God. So when I fail Him, He still receives/accepts me when I come to Him, but He also challenges me during those times when I’m becoming judgmental, to instead, have the gracious spirit He models. God is still so good, isn’t He? 

Praying you have a great week!
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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