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March 25, 2014 
Good Morning SCCC Family,        

* This Friday @ 10am: Mark Mulligan, singer and now author, will be at the church for the introduction and book signing of his new release “The Three Miracles”. The proceeds of his book will be used to support the Missions work Mark is involved with.
“Stoked” is the words my kids use and I’ll use it this week as well. I’m stoked. Here’s just a few things I’ve been made aware of as people have taken up God’s challenge in their lives. 
. Small Group: A Spanish speaking Small Group is planned for the Women’s Ministry this fall, with Gabriella Cisneros leading it. I believe they already have the materials in place. 
Ushers/Greeters: Di Monza will be taking over the responsibilities of Ushers/Greeters and the organization and outworking of this ministry. She has a number of excellent ideas which will result in a comprehensive follow up process of guests and regular attendees.  
3. Steve and Cindy McClean are willing to keep leading a
“small group” through the summer. What a huge blessing as we continue to grow the summer component of SCCC.
Care Ministry: Jan Springman and Di Monza have now met with Pat Nichols, who had offered to oversee a Care Ministry in the church  Sharilyn Berndt and Pat Nichols will oversee this ministry during the upcoming summer and in the fall, this group will meet again and begin to discuss and implement a number of other corresponding ideas to enhance this much needed ministry.  Their stated Goal: “They will begin with making and delivering meals, calling those who weren’t in church if they are regulars to let them know they were missed, and to see if they are OK.  Checking in with those who are sick, and healing and/ or recovering.” 
Database Update: Mayra is giving an additional 8 hours per week to update our database. Please help her by updating your info. 
Steve McClean will be leading/facilitating the Men’s Ministry over summer! 

*Ken & Ruth VanKirk and possibly Billy & Erika will be with us this weekend sharing the highlights of their ministry with the Tarahumara Indians. So looking forward to hearing about their ministry!
* Jeannine and I enjoyed a great weekend with
friends from Puerto Vallarta. The four of us used to spend every Saturday morning cooking for our different Mission stations and the local Children’s Ministry. I now make the best Pancakes in the world. I just can’t stand eating them anymore! But it was a treat to show them around the area and to reminisce about old times.
* Wow, people, “The Fish Fry” was amazing. Good food, good fellowship, good entertainment, beginning with the
“pre little twigs” (I think). You blessed our Missions Program with $1600 USD. Thanks to all of you who helped and made it such a good night. I met a number of new people, both at the fish fry and then again on Sunday, when I met  3-4 more new families! So glad you take the opportunity to bring a neighbor or friend along! Who knows whose life our Lord will touch.
Prayer Needs for you to partner with: Praise the Lord that Dr’s have now determined that Christina McCleod’s  recent pancreatic cancer was a “misdiagnosis”. They still need to determine what it may be then, but this is good news. Mary Sprague is recovering from her surgery. 
Semana Santa will be here before you know it and our very own “Mayra” is heading up a project for children in our church parking lot on Wed and Thursday, (April 16&17). Mayra’s focus, while including tourists in San Carlos, is really on connecting with children in our local area. We have a wonderful opportunity, with her bilingual abilities, to develop an ongoing connection with these children and to influence them for Christ. If you can help “man” a booth, direct children, serve a hotdog or two, please email Mayra with your willingness to help at I’m so encouraged to see us partnering with Howard’s students from their Seminary in this effort of touching the children of San Carlos for Christ!
* I have found my life challenged and encouraged by
Nehemiah’s life. It just seems that there is so much from Nehemiah’s life that is applicable to our individual lives. And beyond that, its been just as applicable to us as a church family while the new ministry center progresses. I’m praying that you will pick one or several of the items from Nehemiah’s “top ten” list and intentionally apply them to your own life as well. What is the one area God has been challenging you to grow in? Would you consider this challenge this summer?  
1.         It’s never too late to do what’s right.
2.         Don’t play around with sin.
3.         Remember who God is.
4.         Cultivate a lifestyle of praise and prayer.
5.         Move out of your comfort zone.
6.         Don’t let difficulties derail you.
7.         Seek to resolve relational ruptures.
8.         Say yes to God’s priorities and n0 to the devil’s distractions.
9.         Believe the promises of God and act upon them.
10.       Allow God to use you!


Praying you have a great week!
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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