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April 1, 2014 
Hello SCCC Family,        

* Well praise the Lord, good news – Jeannine is going to have a baby! Awe, fooled you on this wonderful morning we call April Fool’s Day. (I don’t know if that’s a worldwide holiday or not, but it is a day of major significance in Canada.) The rest of this newsletter will be truthful.
* Jeannine and I are in Mazatlan for the week, soaking up some rays and enjoying the pool.
* “Stoked” is the word and I’ll use the word again if that’s okay. Several weeks ago, Bob and Penny ran into some folks who asked them where they were going. They said, “to church”. “Can we join you?” was the replay. Last Sunday, Greg & Elizabeth were now at our service for the second time. We had a great chat and received an invite to their home for dinner (supper). As the evening progressed, we realized that Bob & Penny had already spent some time responding to Greg’s questions about faith and as the conversation continued, it became clear that Greg wanted to take the step of inviting Christ into his heart. Greg prayed that very prayer as we held hands around the table. Welcome into the family of God, my friend. I pray you find the Lord to be all that He declares Himself to be as you follow Him. What an amazing treat to be part of this prayer time.
* We (SCCC) couldn’t have been more blessed this weekend as we listened to the stories of the Tjernlunds and VanKirks! Its really another story of how building genuine relationships is opening the door for sharing the Gospel with the people who are now accepting them into their community. If you’d like to receive their amazing newsletters and updates, email: Or visit them at their blog at Password is mexico. Once again, you folks responded with a wonderful love offering of 1320 USD. Thank you for your generosity.
* On Friday, (at the book signing) we got to hear the story of Dan & Linda’s restored marriage. After 41 years of marriage and two years of separation, and after Dan proof read Mark Mulligan’s book “The Three Miracles”, he realized how much he wanted his own marriage restored. His next meeting with Linda was the beginning of that process. I had tears in my eyes as I listened to Dan, as He held Linda’s hand, retell the story of their restoration of a loving marriage. “The Three Miracles” made an impact even before it was printed.
* “The Three Miracles” is about Mark Mulligan’s life journey. If you’ve dealt with depression, loss, disappointment in God or your faith, this book will speak to you. If you have a friend who has been there, this book could be a good gift to give to them. Mark doesn’t candy coat the story. Its vulnerable, its real, it exposes his struggles with faith and God. But on the flip side, it reveals the love of an incredible God who has Mark & Elsa on a faith journey with their Lord. They truly are a couple who long to have a purpose and a reason for being here and that reason has been discovered in their walk with God. Email me if you’d like to purchase a copy of this book. l have several left.
* Semana Santa is only a few weeks away. As I met with Pastor David last week (Pastor of the Spanish church next door), it became clear that 70% of the elementary aged children of San Carlos do not attend church. What a precious thought if we could see some of those kids come to know Jesus as Saviour! Connect with Mayra if you’d like to help her reach out to the children in our community. Please be praying for this very special event!
* Please keep praying for Mary & Jeff Sprague as they continue to seek the Drs. advice for next step.
* What a treat to meet Jean Baker in church this weekend. She is in San Carlos and is in between treatments. Welcome back to the community that knows and loves you so much!
* Miguel Cisneros will be sharing the Word next Sunday. Miguel & Gabriela have such effective ministries into our community and with those they work with. In fact, I received an email from Gabriela last evening. She shares regularly in the Women’s prison in Guaymas and is often made aware of their needs – in particular – needs for the infants whose Mother has given birth to them during their prison confinement. Gabriela has a great opportunity to make an impact on these Moms on Children’s Day which is April 30. Contact Gabriela at: if you’d like to help.
Praying you have a great week!
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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