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May 13, 2014,            
Hello San Carlos Church Family  
Last week, the “Pastor’s Desk” was all about prayer –  this week a few pictures of the ediface!
Before we get to the pictures, let me share one announcement with you. Most of you are aware of the fire in Katie Kirk’s home a few weeks ago. On Sunday, I shared the following announcement with the congregation
Announcement – We have all been saddened by the devastation Katie Kirk is facing. We are grateful for the rotary who have agreed to deal with the smoke damage in her casita and to make it livable once again. But there are other needs they will not be able to meet. So we are opening up a “Katie Relief Fund” which will be administered by one of our leadership, to at least partly help Katie with appliances and/or furnishings required in the completion of her casita. We encourage you to designate your gift to the “Katie Relief Fund” and let’s get her safely settled again. Thank you for your consideration of this.

The “ediface” is moving right along. The balcony has been poured. They are now bricking what would represent the second level of the building. Much of the roof framework has already been welded together. And the favorite Bible verses which you left to place in the building have now been placed in the front corner post (south east corner) of the new building. Its exciting to watch. We have already received just over 4000. USD toward the completion of the sound, audio and other furnishings. Praise God for your generosity. Wow, we’d sure appreciate your help with the last little bit that will be needed to equip the new ministry center. I’ve included the list if you’d like to provide for something specific as well.

Have a great week!
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine

Proposed Costs to Furnish the new Ministry Center
Please Note: Before any purchases are made, further professional advice will be sought, best prices found and package deals made where appropriate. Reply to
Sanctuary Chairs: 150 Matching existing Chairs TBA
approximate cost of each chair 65.00
Total Cost of Chairs Required 9,750.00
Sanctuary Ambience Curtains, Plants, and ask Lynne !! TBA
(Actual Cost to be determined) 3,000.00
Spanish Translation: Simultaneous Sermon Translation TBA
(Actual Cost to be determined) 1,500.00
Audio Requirements:
Item 1 Mixer – Allen Heath ZED 428 1,800.00
Item 2 Snake – EWI 24×8 500.00
Item 3 Speakers – 3 Behringer B212D 900.00
Item 4 2 x Behringer XM1800S Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Microphones, 3-Pack 600.00
Item 5 2 x Sure SM58 Microphones 200.00
Item 6 2 x Audio Technica Cardioid condenser microphones 200.00
Item 7 Condenser Podium mic 150.00
Item 8 Sermon Recorder 160.00
Item 9 Cables and stands 500.00
Item 10 2x Bose Speaker System 5,400.00
Total Proposed Audio Cost 10,410.00
Video Requirements:
Item 1 Main Projector:     Panasonic PT-DW640US 6000 lumens 4,350.00
Item  2 Rear Projector: BenQ MX662 3500 lumens 580.00
Item 3 Front Screen  – Draper Targa 900.00
Item 4 Rear Screen – Draper Luma 125.00
Item 5 Hanging brackets, wi-fi, adapters,etc 500.00
Total Proposed Video Cost 6,455.00
Stage Lighting: Flood & Spot Lights, Control Panel 1,300.00
Total Proposed Stage Light Cost 1,300.00
Piano Keyboard: (several Potentail Options)
Option 1 Roland LX-15E    (Preferred model) 7,300.00
Option 2 Roland HP 508 series (similar to LX 15E, but with smaller case & speakers) 4,300.00
Total Proposed Piano Cost Maximum 7,300.00
************* Total Proposed Furnishing Costs $39,715.00

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