Pastor’s Desk #19

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May 20, 2014 

Good Morning SCCC Family,        
* Well our first “Party at the Pastors” was a treat. Not only did we get to enjoy the company of a number of great folks, but some of the folks there got to meet other people from the church who they hadn’t met before. We’re already full up for the next event (this Friday) and had to ask some folks to sign up for the following event instead. Sorry about that, but thanks for your patience. So we’re excited by these great times of fun and fellowship.
* “Tessa Jane VanKirk” is our newest church family member! Congrats to Hannah and Kyler! (and to Meg & Randy and Susan & Howard). Grampa Dyck told the story well on Sunday morning. Mom & Baby are home and doing well and Aunt Katie provided us with our first power point picture of little Tessa on Sunday. A little bit of well deserved pride!! So happy for you all.
* George Anderson – you are looking good! Another great check up! What an encouragement to see the smile on your face on Sunday as you shared the good news. We rejoice with you.

* Brian and Clarissa’s – Yesterday, we got to see the team from Winkler finish pouring the roof on their new expanded facility for children. Folks, this is just one more amazing project which the Lord is blessing as this family commits to helping those who are most in need of love and care! Hats off to you guys and to your team!!!
* Patti Woehr provided all the ladies with a hand made Kleenex Holder on Mother’s Day, a nice added piece for our service that day. It was a treat for us to honor all the ladies on that day!
* Children in Church – Yes! We were down a little last Sunday, but the previous two Sundays, we had 20 Children in Church! What a blessing to see that area of our church so vibrant!
* Mayra has done an amazing job of leading our children’s church, along with Marcos. She does however want to take a month of time off to spend with her mentor from Dallas, who is going through significant health issues. So please pray with us that we can find someone who can continue to lead our Children’s Church, who can teach in both English and Spanish!
* I trust you got to see the Building Pictures on our last Pastor’s Desk. I do apologize for the poor formatting. I still seem to be having trouble with adding pictures when using this Mail Chimp Program which the church uses to send out information.
* The “Katie Relief Fund” is still available for those of you who would like to contribute to help Katie get back on her feet into a safe home. Make checks payable to SCCC, with “Katie Relief Fund” in the memo line and your gift will be used for that purpose.
* Six of us guys got to lay hands on Daniel McClean last Thursday at Men’s Group at Tequila’s. Well, we didn’t just lay hands on him, we actually had a chance to pray for him as he goes back to the states. Its been a treat having this young man participate in Men’s Group, in seeing how God has grown him and prepared him to leave the safety of home and family and to venture out on his own. God’s best to you Daniel!
* Thanks to Grant Dafoe, Our AC (non profit status) document is now complete, was signed by members from the Deacon and Elder Board this last week and has now been sent off to the “powers that be” for registration. This will allow the church to now own the property connected with it and to do business in the church’s name. Pray with us that this registration will complete without any gliches.
* Bible Studies are continuing with Leigh Anderson leading one for the Ladies on Revelation, (Jeannine said there was 14 ladies at the last one), Steve and Cindy McClean are leading another Bible study, Men’s group and Mountain Movers are also meeting. I don’t know about last Sunday, but we had 96 adults at the two previous Sunday services. So the activities continue here in SC. Jeannine and I continue to enjoy meeting with people from the church and making new friends.
* Last week, I did participate in a new venture though. Yes, I ate one. We were out at La Manga, with some good friends who ordered (get this) “LIVE  CLAMS”. We’re not talking dead, pre cooked, out of the fire clams, but live ones! Ooooh glory – that’s quite a site for this hamburger and potatoes kind of guy! Refusing to go home, labeled as a whimp, I carefully sprinkled that vermon with my fresh squeezed lime. He reacted, raised his head, tail, who knows, but something reacted, so I gave him two drops of soya, and put that shell to my lips and slurped. In he went and after four or five hardy chews, into my belly! Tasted much better than expected, truth is expectations weren’t that high. Another great day with great friends. Bless you guys and thanks for the experience.
* Praise God for the initial responses we’ve had on finishing our new ministry center. We now have roughly 5400. USD designated toward the completion of our new ministry center. Here’s your chance to help complete the project before all you folks get back this winter.  I’ve once again included the list of options for you to consider in your giving.
Praying you have a great week!
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine


Proposed Costs to Furnish the new Ministry Center
Please Note: Before purchases are made, further professional advice will be sought, best prices found & package deals made where possible.
    Item Cost Totals Pledged/ Provided
Cash Funds to use as Needed     4000.00
Sanctuary Chairs 150 Chairs (same as current chairs)    
approximate cost of each chair 65.00 9,750.00 130.00
Sanctuary      Ambience Curtains, Plants, and ask Lynne !! TBA 3,000.00  
(Actual Cost to be determined)      
Spanish Translation Simultaneous Translation – 9 units   1,500.00 1000.00
Proposed Audio Total Proposed Audio Cost   10,410.00  
Item 1 Mixer – Allen Heath ZED 428 1,800.00    
Item 2 Snake – EWI 24×8 500.00    
Item 3 Speakers – 3 Behringer B212D 900.00    
Item 4 2 x Behringer XM1800S Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Microphones, 3-Pack 600.00    
Item 5 2 x Sure SM58 Microphones 200.00    
Item 6 2 x Audio Technica Cardioid condenser microphones 200.00    
Item 7 Condenser Podium mic 150.00   150.00
Item 8 Sermon Recorder 160.00   160.00
Item 9 Cables and stands 500.00    
Item 10 2x Bose Speaker System 5,400.00    
Proposed Video Total Proposed Video Cost   6,455.00  
Item 1 Main Projector:     Panasonic PT-                 DW640US 6000 lumens 4,350.00    
Item  2 Rear Projector:
             BenQ MX662 3500 Lumens
Item 3 Front Screen  – Draper Targa 900.00    
Item 4 Rear Screen – Draper Luma 125.00    
Item 5 Hanging brackets, wi-fi, adapters,etc 500.00    
Stage Lighting: Flood & Spot Lights, Control Panel 1,300.00 1,300.00  
Piano Keyboard Total Proposed Piano Cost Maximum   7,300.00  
Option 1 Roland LX-15E    (Preferred model) 7,300.00    
Option 2 Roland HP 508 series (similar to LX 15E, but smaller case & speakers) 4,300.00    
************* Total of all Proposed Furnishing Costs 39,715.00 5,440.00

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