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May 27, 2014

Good Morning SCCC Family,        


* Last Sunday, we all got to meet the two newest members of the church family and folks, SCCC is getting younger in median age, I think, well possibly! But regardless, we got to meet beautiful little “Tessa Jane” (Kyler & Hannah) and the all vibrant and potential future Superman “Ian”, (Tom & Carla). What a great day. We pray that your little bundles will grow up to wonderful servants of the Lord.
* “Party at the Pastors” was full up again. We had the most amazing night under the palapa, perfect temperature, perfect breeze and perfect people, oops, one of those perfects is stretching things a little. But what a great night with people making new acquaintances from our church family.  I think it was a “story swapping” night, and some good ones from clothing and hanging out with some of the world’s greatest golfers, to one of our guests being drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals.  One of our guests showed up in a 1984 Mercedes convertible. One of our guests teaches English in Guaymas. And two guests came with an uncooked ribeye in hand, which the Pastor thoroughly enjoyed last night. OK, here’s the rest of the game. Email me with who was at our home and you could win $1,000,000. (not likely, but a potential incentive.)  It was another fun evening!
* Mary Sprague is coming home this week. Yes, Praise the Lord, her treatments are complete and all things going, well, you will get a chance to see her this Sunday. We are so grateful the treatments have gone well and we continue to pray that you will remain cancer free!
* Our Website – Ryan has once again been able to chisel out some time to work on our new and improved website. I got a little preview and it is going to be excellent. Many updates, but the best of all, is the pictoral directory. We’ll keep you up to speed as to when it will be unveiled.
* We continue to have a number of children in church and good news. Heather Rix will be filling in for the first two weeks while Mayra is in Dallas! So we just need one more (bilingual) person to fill in the last two weeks of June while Mayra is gone. If you’re the one, please send me a quick email. Please continue to pray for Mayra’s friend and mentor in Dallas. This lady has had a huge impact on Mayra’s life and please pray for Mayra as she spends some special time with her.
* Katie Kirk temporarily moved into her new one bedroom suite this week. She asked me to pass on her incredible gratitude to each of you who have provided the financial gifts for this move, to those who have helped her duing this loss and to those e of you who have prayed and will continue to pray for her.
* Speaking of prayer, George Anderson shared with me once again, how much it meant to him to know that SCCC was praying for him as he went through all the health challenges he has faced. I think what I heard was the incredible encouragement we all experience when we know someone is walking with us through prayer. So hats off to all you “prayer warriors”.
* Jeannine and I spent last Tuesday evening with Steve and Cindy at their Small Group Bible Study. Every Tuesday they take the previous Sunday’s message and look for ways to make it practically applicable to their own “Monday to Saturday” lives. If you’re still in SC, this is a really beneficial way to spend your Tuesday evenings. Maybe Aubrey will make some more muffins for tonight? They were the best, Aubrey!

* This week, we continue our series on the “Fruit of the Spirit” looking at faithfulness. Its been a challenging journey as we’ve looked at these qualities of “one” fruit. We have been reminded that Jesus possessed each of these qualities and He challenges each of us to strive for growth in each of these qualities of the fruit as well. It is not the “fruits” of the Spirit, but the “fruit” of the Spirit. Our temptation is to pick one of these as opposed to another and to then declare our victory. But each one is a quality we are challenged to strive for in our lives. Last week was patience, that would be the one I wouldn’t have picked, were it an option! Lol! The messages are online at www.sancarloscommunitychurch.comif you’d like to give them a listen.
* Praise God for the initial responses we’ve had on finishing our new ministry center. We now have roughly 5400. USD designated toward the completion of our new ministry center. Would you consider how you would like to participate. Thanks in advance!

Enjoy your journey with Jesus!
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine


Proposed Costs to Furnish the new Ministry Center
Please Note: Before purchases are made, further professional advice will be sought, best prices found & package deals made where possible.
    Item Cost Totals Pledged/ Provided
Cash Funds to use as Needed     4000.00
Sanctuary Chairs 150 Chairs (same as current chairs)    
approximate cost of each chair 65.00 9,750.00 130.00
Sanctuary      Ambience Curtains, Plants, and ask Lynne !! TBA 3,000.00
(Actual Cost to be determined)      
Spanish Translation Simultaneous Translation – 9 units   1,500.00 1000.00
Proposed Audio Total Proposed Audio Cost   10,410.00  
Item 1 Mixer – Allen Heath ZED 428 1,800.00    
Item 2 Snake – EWI 24×8 500.00    
Item 3 Speakers – 3 Behringer B212D 900.00    
Item 4 2 x Behringer XM1800S Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Microphones, 3-Pack 600.00    
Item 5 2 x Sure SM58 Microphones 200.00    
Item 6 2 x Audio Technica Cardioid condenser microphones 200.00    
Item 7 Condenser Podium mic 150.00   150.00
Item 8 Sermon Recorder 160.00   160.00
Item 9 Cables and stands 500.00    
Item 10 2x Bose Speaker System 5,400.00    
Proposed Video Total Proposed Video Cost   6,455.00  
Item 1 Main Projector:     Panasonic PT-                DW640US 6000 lumens 4,350.00    
Item  2 Rear Projector:
             BenQ MX662 3500 Lumens
Item 3 Front Screen  – Draper Targa 900.00    
Item 4 Rear Screen – Draper Luma 125.00    
Item 5 Hanging brackets, wi-fi, adapters,etc 500.00    
Stage Lighting: Flood & Spot Lights, Control Panel 1,300.00 1,300.00  
Piano Keyboard Total Proposed Piano Cost Maximum   7,300.00  
Option 1 Roland LX-15E    (Preferred model) 7,300.00    
Option 2 Roland HP 508 series (similar to LX 15E, but smaller case & speakers) 4,300.00    
************* Total of all Proposed Furnishing Costs 39,715.00 5,440.00

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