Pastor’s Desk #22

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June 10, 2014 
Good Morning SCCC Family,        

* Its getting quieter in San Carlos as the temperature rises. I understand that Hermosillo set a “world record” temperature last week as the hottest city in the world on that given day – 52 Celcius or 125.6 Fahrenheit. Ouch. No wonder the workers at the church all wear these long head coverings as they are laying brick on the walls. They are now beginning to work on the roof, which is being built on the ground in our parking lot. So it will be interesting to watch that next phase.
* We continue to enjoy connecting with folks from the church (in air conditioned environments). Had a new couple from the church join us for dinner last night. Brandon & Bethany, who have joined the team at Jesse & Jenny’s. What a treat hearing their story about their call to be missionaries to Mexico. I am in awe watching young families make this kind of commitment when there are so many other options which could be more financially lucrative for them. But its people like this who have the most amazing stories as they watch God provide over and over. Pray for Bethany, who has applied to teach English (part time role) at a local school in order to supplement their financial needs. Brandon has been involved in a computer business and has great skills in that area.
 * Had an afternoon with Richard & Jen last week. They are another young couple with 2 children from Manitoba who are working with Brian & Clarissa Krahn at their new orphanage setting. Again, what a huge commitment on their part. Jen is not only involved with the orphanage kids, but is also teaching crafts at several of the local Hispanic churches. Richard has set up the website and does the admin for the Krahns in their new setting. Richard recently went with one of the local pastors who was starting a new church plant, (somewhere North West of Hermosillo and in that morning service, witnessed 43 people give their hearts to Christ. You want to see the smile on Richard’s face as he tells this story.
* Several weeks ago, we had Brian and Clarissa in for dinner, along with their 3 amazing kids – and once again a story of a young family filled with vision, entrepreneurial hearts and a passion for God. These young folks face all kinds of challenges as they set up, rebuild, develop connections with the powers that be regarding needy children and God comes through. It seems that God is raising up one young family after another to offer not only their gifts, but their lives to Him. What a treat to be in this company of “young” servants. Yea God, thank you for young people with the passion you have given them. Continue to provide for them and give them all they need to faithfully do what you have called them to do! Amen.
* Several months ago, I included a prayer request in the “Pastor’s Desk” from Maureen Davis regarding her bro-in-law, who had been diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer. This week Maureen writes, “I wanted you to know that my brother-in-law Ric Einfeldt had wonderful news. He had a pet scan about a week and a half ago, wonderful news that tumor in his leg is completely gone the spot on his adrenal gland has disappeared. He still has some of the lymph nodes included and still has some in his esophagus. Praise God the power of prayer has been working really well in him the doctors are astounded.” So thank you Lord.
* It is a treat watching the new building continue to rise. With the walls almost complete, they are now on to the roof. It fills my heart with anticipation as I watch it come together. I wish you all could see it. Allow me to ask you to consider the following – we will need 150 extra chairs when its complete and we’ll need to order them in August if at all possible. With shipping, they will run roughly 65-68. USD. Would you consider investing in the future of SCCC by purchasing some chairs? Just imagine with me, If 2 people each bought 25 chairs (1700 USD) and if 4 people each bought 10 chairs (680 USD) and if 6 people each bought 5 chairs (340 USD) and if 15 people each bought 2 (136 USD) it would be done! Which one would you like to invest in? Just click reply to this email and share what you would like to do.

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Enjoy your journey with Jesus!
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine


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