Pastor’s Desk #24

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Good Morning SCCC Family,        

* Well, good news – we have an amazing new website – Check it out. Its full of pictures and activity. Let me give you a few highlights.

  1. Under “About us”, you now have pictures of many of the leaders involved in serving in SCCC.
  2. You will notice under “Ministries” both ongoing and special event options which will be easy to update in this location on the website.
  3. Under the “Missionary” tab, you will notice a picture of Rob & Wendy” but if you click on the arrows beside their picture, you can now read about each of our “church supported” missionaries and then scroll down for some additional pictures. But not only have we included the “church supported” missionaries, we’ve also added some of the missionaries, who attend our church and who work in different ministries in the area. We want to continue to support them in prayer.
  4. Under the Pastor’s Desk, you can read the latest “weekly” email (or any of the past ones) from your SCCC pastor, but if you’ll notice there are two tabs when you click on the “Pastor’s Desk”. The other tab is the photo album of the ongoing church construction – from the signing of the contract, to the dedication of the property and the beginning of the construction. I will continue to update this regularly with fresh pictures.
  5. And finally, under “Contact Us”, you will see a link called “church directory”. This is you! Some new pictures and some older ones we grabbed from the previous Directory. We will continue to update it with new ones. If you don’t like your present picture, come on back and we can update it! It will be so much easier to keep this directory up to date as no printing is required. In the future, our plan is to develop a pdf directory with phone numbers and emails, which can be emailed to you or you will be able to pick up a printed copy at the church. For privacy reasons, we have not included it on the website.
So please enjoy and peruse the new site I know we’ve had a few glitches with computers with an older version of Internet Explorer. But newer versions of IE and “google chrome” display the site wonderfully. Why not send Ryan a note with your appreciation for the incredible job he has done! (

* The last “Party at the Pastor’s” is this Friday and its sold out once again. Praise the Lord for the friendships that have developed through these events. People meeting new people and old people, alike. We look forward to an ever greater sense of community in the days to come! We’ve got some ideas how to follow up on these and will share them with you in August.

* Just a whole lot of people to remember in prayer:
1. Just got a call from a lady in our church, who son has been served with divorce papers just recently. She asked that we would pray that her son would once again return to his once precious faith in Christ.
2. Daniel & Linda Abbate asked for our prayers as Linda’s sister “Shirley” who also attends the church when she’s here, has been diagnosed with stomach cancer. She has returned to AZ and really needs our prayers for strength, for hope and for physical healing.
3. Howard Losey seems to be doing much better, but may be facing additional surgery which could improve his health greatly. I understand that he can speak quite clearly. The Lord sure carries this man. Pray foe them both though as the health load has been great for them over the last few years.
4. I’ve not heard back from Pete and Pat Peterson. Doctors are continuing to do tests to determine the best course of action for Pat as she deals with uterine cancer and a potential hip replacement.
5. I’ve heard, second hand, that Bob & Jan Springman are doing much better.
6. Continue to pray for Chuck and Carol Morton as they try to replicate themselves in their respective ministries.

I’m sure there are others, there are some which I’ve included in previous weeks, and some I don’t even know about – but please take this as an encouragement to continue to pray for the SCCC family!

* We’ve received funds or pledges for 17 chairs up to this point. We do however have an option of purchasing “memory foam” pillows, which would alleviate the need for some of you to sit on the “tile” floor. They sell for $10 each which would be huge savings – Amen? But if you’d prefer a chair and or would like one for your spouse as well, we have some better options. Here they are once again – If 2 people each bought 25 chairs (1700 USD) and if 4 people each bought 10 chairs (680 USD) and if 6 people each bought 5 chairs (340 USD) and if 10 people each bought 2 (136 USD) it would be done! Email Lynn with your pledge or investment @* Please note that this will be the last Pastor’s Desk until August. Jeannine and I leave next Monday for Canada. We hope to spend time in Manitoba and Ontario with family, and then off to Montreal and the Maritimes from there. We’ll be back August 1 and we already look forward to getting home to SC. This is a great place to sink down those roots. In the meantime, we continue to pray for you all as you come to our remembrance and we wish you God’s best as you live wherever you live this summer.

Enjoy your journey with Jesus!
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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