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June 17, 2014 
Good Morning SCCC Family,        
* Trust you all had a great Father’s Day! The church was buzzing on Sunday and we ended the morning with our very first “Annual Father’s Day Ice Cream Social”. Glory – toppings galore, three kinds of ice cream, and there was precious little left to take home! I think we’re going to have to make room for more Father’s Days per year or maybe just more ice cream socials!!! Thanks to all of you who provided “supplies” and helped make it happen. 
* Guests galore on Sunday. Craig and Kelley, a family who just moved here to work at the Mikilas; another new family from Vancouver (Kurt and two sons), who just purchased a boat and plan to live here part time, Scott and Cory from Red Deer, doing some work out at Jesse and Jenny’s, Marco from Loma del Mar (Mexico), Russ & Lynne’s only (unspoiled) granddaughter and her parents; Frank & Terry were there; and Tom & Joan, just to name a few. It was a great day. The Worship – you could hear the congregation above the worship team, what a response. Aaron McLean joined the team on his jim bay. I got an email yesterday from Bob and Lori, another newer family (I think), who just expressed a huge appreciation for their time with us over the last 3 weeks. They plan on attending when they return in the fall. And once again 11 kids in Children’s Church. Thank you Marcela! So yes, I’m pretty excited. God is doing a “good thing” in SCCC.
 * New Website will be unveiled next Sunday! You will be in awe. We have many new pictures, but we did have to use some from the last directory and will need a number of new ones for the recent new attendees. So if you’d like your picture in the directory or would like an updated photo, we can help you with that! Leave a message with a greeter when you’re at church and we’ll take care of it.
* We need you to join us in prayer once again as I’ve been made aware of some health needs:
1. Pat (Pete) Peterson went in for some tests for a hip replacement and in the process, they discovered cancer. They are back in MN. They hope to have a course of action in place soon.
2. Bob and Jan Springman both have had their challenges recently. From Jan – “Bob has had 2 surgeries, 2 long visits to ER, & more. Severe COPD has exacerbated other issues. Hopefully on the upswing; still planning for SC in Nov. I took a dive while exiting our RV 2 wks ago. Had my own trip to ER; concussion & other complications.”
3. Maureen Davis is looking at hip surgery in July.
4. Chuck and Carol Morton – also sent an email sharing about the need to make some changes in all their ministry responsibilities back home. Carol also faces some health issues. Pray that volunteers will step forward to fill these positions.
There are others you may know about, please join them in prayer!
* Last Friday’s “Party at the Pastors” was filled again. Great fun and conversation in a “cool” place. Thank the Lord for AC. One more Party before we return to Canada for the month of July. And then, we’re contemplating how we will continue these in August.
* I haven’t heard an update since Sunday, but 10 more chairs were provided last week. Praise the Lord. I continue to bring it to your attention, as I’d hate for you to have to sit on the floor when you get back, “just sayin” so I’m asking you to consider providing some seating – we will need 150 extra chairs and will need to order them by late August if at all possible. With shipping, they will run roughly 65-68. USD. Here’s some options: If 2 people each bought 25 chairs (1700 USD) and if 4 people each bought 10 chairs (680 USD) and if 6 people each bought 5 chairs (340 USD) and if 10 people each bought 2 (136 USD) it would be done! Email Lynn with your pledge or investment @
* Sunday Morning messages continue to be posted at
Enjoy your journey with Jesus!
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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