Pastor’s Desk #25 (August 5th edition)

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Good Morning SCCC Family,

* “Theeeey’re back!” I think that was something said in a movie once or something like that! I’m not sure the context was that great though! But, Yes, we’re home and glad to be home. Vacations are wonderful, but getting home is always a great feeling as well!

* Here’s the treat we experienced on Sunday though when we got home. Worship led by Justin McLean, along with Aubrey & Aaron! Justin is shining more and more each Sunday! Jerry opened the service, Ryan preached a great message reminding us that salvation is more than praying a prayer at some point in our life, but its about living out that faith and then Steve McLean did a masterful job of taking us through communion. Yes, now that is a treat for any pastor to observe as the people exercise their gifts. Marcela has faithfully taken care of the Children’s Church while Mayra is gone – another blessing for us as she’s been taking care of 12-15 boys and the odd girl! Talk about potential for a “manly” church! Lol Jenny Navarro and Marisol and Devon Kehler will be helping us with the class over the next two weeks as well. So praise the Lord for all His provision.

* Just reminded of a few prayer needs again –

Sharilyn Berndt will be having a biopsy, hopefully this month as well.
Maureen Davis hip surgery went well and is in Rehab now.
I only heard that Pat Peterson’s surgery went well, but haven’t had any recent updates.
Shelli Neufeld is home, but needs our prayers that God would intervene and restore her health quickly in what appears to be looking like an extended period of time to bounce back.
Jimmy Carter is still in a treatment center in Chandler. Please pray for victory in his life.

* “Potluck and Play at the Pastors” – starting next Friday (the 15th) at 3:00 pm with a little “hoof and mouth” and then dinner at 5:00. You may bring appetizers, salads or desserts. We’ll provide the hamburgers, hot dogs, drinks and AC. We have room for 16 people at each event, but we need you to sign up on Sunday or email us, so that we can keep it better organized. Email . Don’t miss out on good fun.

* The “Ediface” – The roof is slowing receiving attention, but the heat has been burdensome. Some parging has happened in the inside rooms and they are starting to take shape. Keep on praying for these workers as we hide in our Air conditioning.

* “Backpacks” – As many of you appreciate the backpack ministry and with all the “back to school” sales now going on – I’ve also added a spreadsheet from Brenda at the end of this mailing, which will help you to know what would be most needed for the backpack ministry. (If you need further clarification of the needs presented, click reply to this email and I’ll try to answer your question.) If you would like to participate by purchasing certain listed items, just check off what you would like to provide or will be bringing back to SC and return it to Brenda at This ministry has opened the door for them to touch several communities which were at one time entirely closed to the Gospel. Great opportunity for each of us!

* Sermon Series: Lord willing, we’re going to be looking into the book Mark this coming Sunday. Read Chapter 1 for a preview of this great “action Packed” book about Jesus!

* For those of you who may be interested in our travels, here’s a brief synopsis – We spent the first week with our children (and grandchildren) in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Our son Justin, pastors a church there and we got to hear him preach on the weekend. Melanie (his wife) leads the worship team and both of them did a wonderful job of leading us into the Lord’s presence. And then we got to take our only 2 grandchildren (sons) to see the Falls and experience all the great sights there.
* Week 2 was off to our “Church Camp” in Manitoba – speakers every morning and evening and great times of fun and reminiscing with our old friends and former pastors I knew from prior ministry.
* Week 3 and 4 – some more time with old friends in the first church I pastored in Carman, Manitoba. And then we flew to Montreal, rented a car and took a tour of Eastern Canada. Jeannine had never seen any of it. We spent several days in the 400 year old Quebec City – beautiful city, kept wonderfully clean and much of it preserved so well, lots of history. We attended an “English” Church in Quebec, but I think we were the only non French speaking folks there and the service reminded us how good it is to hear the Gospel in your own language. We were also trying to follow music events and came across an Acadian Village in New Brunswick. Some of you will know the Acadians better as the Cajuns of Louisiana. These folks were deported by the Brits in the 1700’s because of their failure to give allegiance, wanting to retain their French language and their Catholicism, along with some other values. But they have some great music. I’d say the fiddle is the highlight, always accompanied with either guitar, piano, bass fiddle and some kind of foot stomping board. We got to hear some amazing celtic music at the home town of the Rankin Family from Cape Breton (Nova Scotia). Then we got to listen in on one more Acadian Night of music in SE Nova Scotia (all French, but so animated and alive, it felt like we experienced what they were singing about.) But like I said, as good as it is to get away, its great to get home as well.

Enjoy your journey with Jesus!
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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