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August 12, 2014 

Good Morning SCCC Family,        

* a Dedication this past Saturday – Our own Devon and Marisol laid the “ceremonial brick” as they began construction of their ministry center in “Independencia.” (pictures on my facebook page). Because of our ongoing “water” challenges, they began the project with a 4500 gallon in ground cistern. Devon said that as soon as the cistern is complete, they will continue with either the front wall, or a roof structure, which will make it more comfortable for the children they are serving. Both of them had “ear to ear” grins as we dedicated the new site. What a treat for Jeannine and I to be a part of this dedication, along with Pastor Berna, from their local church. SCCC’s Deacons and Missionary Team, agreed to partner with Devon and Marisol in this building venture last winter and they are now SCCC’s newest supported missionaries. Read about them on our church website (missionaries tab)

* PTL – Jeff and Amy Issley (and their children, Danielle and Garrett) have moved to SC from Colorado and joined us in church on Sunday. Jeff works with the Mikilas in Empalme. Garrett is an amazing swimmer and is looking for local swim team options. Danielle was a key part of their previous church’s worship team and loves working with kids. One of the things she asked about was “do you have a youth group”. We have been blessed with a children’s ministry in the last year. Maybe its time to be praying about “youth ministry” options??? Would you join me?

* Another treat this past Sunday as we looked at the story of the Leper in Mark 1 – For the Believer, we saw how Jesus embraced those who are not always so “lovely” and a number responded to the challenge to embrace someone this week who was not in their usual social group! For the “not yet” believers, the challenge was to consider giving their hearts to Christ and one newer gentleman responded by doing that very thing. I might have met him once before, but on Sunday, he shared a bit of his story with me before the service and we planned for a coffee on Tuesday afternoon, never dreaming that this would be the day he would invite Christ in his heart. Please pray for us as we meet today!

On Monday, I received an email from Marcela. She had also accepted the challenge from Sunday, but on Monday, as she arrived at work, all the employees were made aware that one of their peers had taken his life on the weekend. No one seemed aware of the struggles he was facing, but once again, Marcela said that she was reminded to pray for and to be available for those who are right around us, in our immediate circles. Marcela covets your prayers as she is that Christian presence in her workplace.
* on the Prayer front


  1. Sharilyn Berndt received excellent news from her tests – all is well!
  2. Shelli Neufeld is home, in fact they are in San Carlos this week, doing a little R&R. Keep them in your prayers as Shelli is in recovery mode.
  3. Pray for the folks at Marcela’s workplace as they deal with this loss.
  4. Please pray for our former pastoral couple, Rich and Karen Hubert, who lost everything in a recent fire. Fires are not limited in what they consume and so many personal and special items have been lost. A quick email or call would be a huge encouragement to them. 

* “Potluck and Play at the Pastors” – we’ve got a bunch of folks already signed up for this Friday’s “P&P”  (the 15th at 3:00 pm). We’ve still got room for a couple more people. We’ve got a bunch of tables set up for games, perhaps a little “hoof and mouth”, or for those who aren’t into games, lots of room for getting to know each other. Dinner at 5:00. You may bring an appetizer, salad or dessert. We’ll provide the hamburgers, hot dogs, drinks and AC. We have room for 16 people at each event, so if you’d still like to come, give Jeannine a call (226-2094) or email . A map to our place follows – 488 Agua Prieta in the back NE corner of the Country Club, just off Guaimas.

* “Backpacks” – As many of you appreciate the backpack ministry and with all the “back to school” sales now going on – I’ve also included an attachment from Brenda, which will help you to know what would be most needed for the backpack ministry. If you would like to participate by purchasing certain listed items, just check off what you would like to provide or will be bringing back to SC and return it to Brenda at This ministry has opened the door for them to touch several communities which were at one time entirely closed to the Gospel. Great opportunity for each of us! 

Enjoy your journey with Jesus!
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

Glenn & Jeannine’s Address – 488 Agua Prieta in the “Country Club” – Take your first right at the roundabout as you enter the country club. As you pass the “Guards”, you are now on Seres. Follow Seres all the way around the Country Club to the very back. Turn Left on Guaimas. We are the 2nd cul-de-sac on the Left (#488 Aqua Prieta) Call 226-2094 if you need help. (Sorry, but after preparing a nice map, this mail chimp program would not let me cut and paste it into the text!)

Back Packs for Needy Children in Mexico   (Check Prices during back to school Sales)
What is Needed to create 500 Back Packs: Value of Each Item Quantity Required I /we will purchase (How many) of these myself and bring them along when we return to SC I would like to provide the funds to purchase (how many) of the check marked item: Your Name
Cash to use as needed     XXXXX    
Back Packs (Funds Only) 3.00 500 XXXXX    
School Supplies:          
Notebooks 1.00 500 100   Jeannine D
16 Crayon Pack 0.50 500      
Pencils 0.05 1000      
Pen 0.10 500      
Coloring Books 1.00 500      
Glue 1.00 500      
Hygiene items:          
Soap 0.20 500      
Toothbrush (from Dentists) ? 500      
Tooth Paste 1.00 500      
Gift, Toys, etc.          
Calculator 3.00 125      
Mathcbox Cars 3.00 125      
Girls Necklace 3.00 125      
Suffed Animals 3.00 125      
Some Candies for Back Pack 10.00 10      
Illustrated book of John 2.00 500      
Baby Packs (50 Packs)          
Clothes 3.00 50      
Pampers 0.50 200      
Stuffed Animal 3.00 50      


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