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August 19, 2014 
Good Morning SCCC Family,        
* Life goes on in San Carlos. The church continues and people do survive and almost thrive in the heat and humidity of this great place! The AC died on Sunday am about 10 minutes before the service ended. I have never seen a place become so silent and so subdued so quickly. The only movement was that of bulletins being used as fans, desperately trying to move the well warmed air away from self and toward their neighbors. But the cookies were still devoured and the fellowship time continues to grow after the service. I am so encouraged when people feel comfortable enough to remain and enjoy each other’s company. I just can’t believe how quick the place heats up though, once the AC is off! Our Children’s Church continues to flourish and I believe there is still between 70 and 80 people in church at any given service!
* on the Prayer front
  1. Chuck and Carol Morton – Carol’s son passed away unexpectedly several weeks ago. He was only 35. She previously lost a 33 year old son in an accident. Please pray for them as they grieve this tragic loss.
  2. Several months ago, I shared with you about Linda (Dan) Abbate’s sister Shirley, who was diagnosed with stomach cancer. This is a recent update from Dan, “According to the docs, she has the disease in her sternum; however it is not considered to be aggressive.  On the other hand, she will be undergoing 6 months of chemotherapy with radiation treatments . . . Linda and I will be praying for her daily and ask that you, Jeannine and the SCCC  congregation continue to pray with us.” Shirley is presently back in Phoenix, but has attended SCCC whenever she is here.
  3. Please continue to pray for the man who accepted Christ as his Savior at the Aug 10th service. He is so grateful for the congregation’s response to pray for him in his faith journey!
  4. Please continue to pray for Rich and Karen as they try to get their feet back under them after the disastrous fire which destroyed their home and all their belongings.
  5. It remains hot in San Carlos and the heat continues to hamper the progress on the roof of our church building. Yet, slowly and surely, we are seeing some progress. Please keep on praying for the workers and the progress of this “edifice”.
* “Potluck and Play at the Pastors” – another special evening of folks in our home.. These folks from SCCC have so many stories of Christ’s work in their lives. Hearing about His direction, His provision, His care in difficult situations are all stories we got to hear and be inspired by. We have an amazing church and an amazing group of people, but the even greater beauty is when each of us gets to share those stories with our “not yet” Christian friends! My prayer continues to be that we as a church family, will have many more of those opportunities.
* We are studying the book of Mark on Sunday mornings. The story in Ch.1 was intriguing as we looked at the Leper, a man who lost so much (family, church and community) as a direct result of his leprosy. But Jesus comes into his life of Misery and pours out His Mercy on the Leper. That Mercy alone is so encouraging. But Jesus not only pours out His Mercy. He sends Him out on Mission. Jesus heals, but heals with a purpose. Its an intriguing study. Like the Leper, Jesus has healed us firstly from our leprosy, (or our sin). But He didn’t only heal us for our own benefit. He healed us in order to send us on Mission, just as He did the Leper. This mission includes pursuing the good of others, meeting people where they are at, not where we expect them to be at. This last Sunday, we looked at three of the scenes which make up the first 19 verses of Mark 3. The scenes include the church, the sea and the mountaintop and each of those scenes reveal a truth we will encounter when we determine to go on “Mission”. When you pursue the “good of others”, You may infuriate people with hardened hearts, as Jesus did in the church! When you pursue the good of others, You may feel overwhelmed at times, just like Jesus did at the lakeside! And finally Jesus, on the mountaintop, also shows us that when we are overwhelmed by pursuing the good of others, that we  need to share the load with others. His Mission is not meant to overwhelm us, its meant to satisfy the deepest longings of our hearts. My prayer for each of us is that as we pursue God’s Mission for our lives, knowing there may be challenges along the way, that we also know He will help, guide and satisfy us when we pursue that Mission He has called us to! Hear the entire message online at
Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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