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September 2, 2014

Good Morning SCCC Family,        


* Last Friday, Jeannine and I celebrated our 5th Anniversary. We made the trip to Hermosillo, but oh my, it was an inferno (thanks for the description Mary), so by 3:00 in the afternoon, after we saw the 46C on our car thermometer, we thought celebration could better be accomplished on another day! We did however find a new favorite store for my bride which happened to be in that “men’s playground” we call a Mall. Nice seating areas for the guys as their brides try on the one, two or ___ potential outfits. “Yep, looks good honey! I guess that’s all we needed, right?” (words heard by me from a man who was sitting beside me in the nice seating area, serious) We did have a nice dinner at “Las Chulas”, one of the (AC’d) places we enjoy in Guaymas.

* “God’s Not Dead” – Several weeks ago we got to watch this well done presentation of a lone student taking a stand against his professor’s thesis that “God is Dead”. It was an amazing film with some great sub plots going on throughout the movie. We would love for you to join us this Friday Night at 5:00 pm at our home to view this excellent movie. Please accept this as your invitation. We live at 488 Agua Prieta in the “far back” corner of the Country Club, just off of Guaimas St. Call 622 226-2094 for more info.

* Great to have Ken VanKirk with us in church on Sunday. Ken shared briefly about their journey over the last few years and how “waiting” on God is often about “waiting” (no pun intended), but Ken also shared how some of the answers from those waiting times have been wonderfully completed. Thanks for the good word, Ken!
* Yes, the last rafter has been welded into place. The roof still stands on the ground, but its good to see the whole structure standing and almost ready to be lifted into place.
* Our children’s church, 14 children last Sunday, has been covered by Heather Rix for the last few weeks. Thank you Heather for serving us so capably. You are appreciated.
* 12 men at Men’s Group last week as Steve led us in a discussion of what does it mean, what should it look like to serve Christ when we’re going through storms. Excellent discussion and great fellowship.
* Kyle Shaver joined Justin and the worship team last week on the acoustic guitar. Kyle is a young man who recently moved here from Oregon, sensing a call to Missions on his life. So good to have you with us.  
* Praise the Lord as someone in the church family emailed to say they were purchasing 10 more chairs for the new sanctuary! If you’d like to help with furnishing the new sanctuary, it would be most appreciated. There are still some more options to provide supplies for the BackPack Ministry. If you’d like to participate in either of the above, or have further questions, please respond to this email and we will get back to you. Thanks.
* We also completed importing our car this week. The import went so well, that we’d do it again in a heartbeat, but not everything happens the same way in Mexico as it does in our homelands! However, everything is still doable in Mexico, its just doable in a different format and if one doesn’t enjoy new formats, one’s impatience could soon become one’s “signature” sin. So after the rest of the process, 4 visits to the Hacienda to get a new set of plates and a few other glitches, getting a required Mexican driver licence to qualify for a set of plates, getting the insurance in place, its all done. The point – So the “formats” change from nation to nation, each has their good and not so good points and that’s okay because its all worth it if we get to live in this wonderful place we call San Carlos.
* on the Prayer front
  1. Maureen Davis is now in the rehabilitation stage after her hip replacement and has started swimming again. This is good news after her summer’s journey. We’re praising the Lord with you.
  2. Her brother in law, Ric Enfeldt had a PET scan on the 27th. They are praying the esophageal cancer has not spread and the radiologist will be able to treat it at that location alone.
  3. I believe CeCe and Jimmy come home from Phoenix this week. Please keep them in your prayers.
  4. Pray for Ray Berndt as he continues to oversee the new “Ministry Center” building project. Thanks for all you do.
  5. Tomorrow I get to meet with the fellow who accepted Christ in his heart at the Aug. 10th service.  I covet your prayers as we talk about His new walk with Jesus.
  6. Lynne has faced a plethora of challenges with new laws which no longer allow her/church to cash cheques written from a US bank. The red tape is brutal and she has spent literally hours and hours on the phone trying to find alternative methods of transferring funds. There are no easy answers. Please pray for her and Russ (and/or send them a note of gratitude) as they work on these issues on behalf of our church.
  * We are studying the book of Mark on Sunday mornings. Chapter 5 contains the story of the “Gadarene Demoniac”, the demon possessed man who lived in the tombs on the “other side”. Whatever caused this man to end up in this dramatic condition we’re not told, but we do understand that he didn’t get there in a day. Its quite likely that one sin at a time, he got in deeper and deeper, until we meet him as Jesus steps out of the boat. One of the applications we made from this story was the fact that all of us carry what we could call a “signature” sin, a sin that catches us off guard, a sin that seems to get us before we even know it happened. Jesus wants us to have victory over that sin. Just as Jesus was able to deliver the worst of the worst (the Demoniac), He is also able to help us defeat that sin in our life which so often seems to win. Hear the message in its entirety at
Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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