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September 23, 2014

Good Morning SCCC Family,        
* Well this morning (Monday) we took off for Cuauhtemoc, to connect with Billy & Erika, one of the missionary families SCCC supports. We have been so looking forward to this time. But like I’ve shared several times, during messages over the last few months, things do not always turn out the way we hope. Sometimes there are detours. Today we had one of those detours. We started with a little starter problem in Hermosillo, not a big deal. I think it will be okay now for the rest of the trip. But the experience that took both of our breath away happened about 50 klms East of Yecora, about the half way mark on the road to Cuauhtemoc. Jeannine was driving, almost no traffic on the road at all, and all of a sudden, this white Chevy pickup pulls up beside us. He’s waving frantically, if I had been in Canada, I would have thought he was trying to warn us about a problem with our vehicle or something. So we slowed down a little, only to have him drive in front of us and hit the brakes. We were so tight, that we had no place to go. He came out of his vehicle like a wild animal. Jeannine started to put her window down, then tried to put it back up, but his arm was already through the window and he was grabbing for the door lock. She saw the revolver in his hand and rolled down the window again. He was screaming for dinero (money) I pulled out my wallet and gave him everything in it. Then he motioned to my armrest. Now, he was pointing the gun and I may be wrong, but it looked just like the 9 mm my friend had when we use to target practice on occasion. And he pointed it at me – more dinero. So I gave him everything we had, even the money stashed in the armrest (about 8500 pesos) and then he started screaming again, like for us to get out of here, no policia he said, no policia. So we drove off to the side and took off down the road, not stopping until we couldn’t see him any more, and then drove just a little farther to debrief a little. I think we were simply stunned. We couldn’t believe what just happened. It happened so quickly and we were so shocked, but I don’t think it hit home till tonight. Thank the Lord, for his physical protection.  

Like I said earlier, we are so looking forward to this trip and to see how God is working through these folks and with the Tarahumara people. Many of you shared you would pray for us before we left and I’m sure that was part of what allowed us to leave the scene unhurt. So thank you. Could I invite each of you though, as you remember or think of us, would you continue to send up prayers on our behalf. We will be returning home along this same road next week. And I’m kind of thinking, that today’s events might be in our thoughts as we go past that place next week again.

* on the Prayer front

  1. Earl and Sonya’s daughter, Beth had a terrible fall last week, breaking her leg in 7 places. The surgery has gone well, but the recovery could be lengthy. Please pray.
  2. Julia Bustos’ surgery went well and she is now at home. Thank the Lord for His provision.
  3. Trish Lebo said, Jerry had his second cataract surgery on Sept 17. Pray that all goes well as many of their family, those from Peru, etc will be heading to Austin on Sept 28 for Trish’s son’s wedding.
  4. Rejoicing with Brenda Koenes who had over 60 children’s workers at SCCC for a Teaching Seminar last week. The place was humming and several of the folks I spoke with were so encouraged by what they learned.
* We finished last week off with Greg and Morgan’s wedding at Bonifacios. A beautiful setting, a good meal and a great evening! Amazing how the place was transformed from the wave/hurricane damage of Tuesday (a foot of water in the center of the restaurant) to a wedding day on Saturday. It is such a treat to share the Word with folks on these occasions. We looked at Eccl – the three strand rope passage. The author uses the imagery of three strands woven together to create a virtually indestructible rope. The Bridal couple are two of those strands and the invitation of the passage is to include God as the third strand, thus adding hope and strength to their respective marriage. But once again, it is our individual choice – we can choose to allow God to be part of our “rope making” process or we can go it alone (or two stranded, if you would)!

* Marcela’s Wedding shower is coming up at Katie’s Diner (or Susan’s Diner) on Oct 4th. RSVP to Katie if you’d like to join them at .

* We continued in Mark this last week, completing chapter 7 and looking at chapter 8. What’s interesting in this text is that firstly, people didn’t really understand Jesus, the Pharisees certainly did not understand Jesus and the Disciples did not understand him either, even after several years of working together. The question for each of us as believers, is Jesus really a reality for us, do we really “get Him”, or understand Him? Do we see Him in all of our detours in life? Good questions for us to consider. Hear the message in its entirety at

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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