Pastor’s Desk #31

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October 2, 2014 
Good Morning SCCC Family,        
* Yes, we got home late yesterday afternoon, safe and sound and all is well (no incidents)! So thank you for all the responses we received to our last “Pastor’s Desk”. Your thoughts and prayers were greatly appreciated.
* We have a number of stories to share about our time in Le Mesa with Billy & Erica and Ken & Ruth. I think the one that impacted me most was the arrival of an older man in a wheel barrow. Three men knocked on Billy’s (Ken’s?) door around midnight. They had spent the last 8 hours wheeling this man from their village to the Clinic. Understand, there are no street lights to point the way. They came in the dark, knowing their friend was dying. Ken took him into the clinic and immediately began to deal with this very sick man. I know of the many prayers and the much care that was offered, but one morning in particular, Billy was reading portions of the Chronological Bible, which their team has translated into Tarahumara, to this man. Only the Lord knows the results, but our prayer was that he understood the message of the Gospel. He unfortunately passed away Monday morning. Before we left the Mission, we took him back down the hill into the village by Le Mesa and placed his body in the local church where he would be prepared for burial.
            A few hours later, Billy and I were taking 5 of the patients who had been in the clinic, back to their village in the back of his pickup. This is no ordinary road folks – two hours each way from the “intersection” where we were planning to once again meet up with the rest of the team, I’m thinking that at least ½ a mile was driven right in the river, (not along it, in it) much rain over the previous few days, water anywhere from 18-24 inches deep, running extremely fast as it all has to drain from the mountains through this river. It was extremely rocky and large rocks along the whole way. I have no idea how we never got hung up on one of these rocks, but we made it to the village, with our passengers mostly intact. “Unbelievable” is all I can say. But the passion of these two couples and their team members to care for and to build relationship with the Tarahumara through clinical care is giving them huge respect in their respective villages.
            Ken, Ruth, Erica and Jeannine were planning to connect with us (at this intersection) when we returned from the village and then, we’d head back to Cuauhtemoc. But just before they left, the widow of the man who passed away showed up at the clinic. She had not realized how sick her husband was and had just found out that he passed away. So they held off leaving to meet us, and stayed and cared for this ver broken and shocked widow. This would mean driving for the last four hours in darkness on roads that my SUV would never have been able to navigate, through fast running rivers, (one crossing had a ¾ ton truck stuck in it, headlight deep in water), and washed out rocky slopes. But here’s the point, I never heard a regret from one of the team. Their role is to show the love of Jesus to a culture that is terribly lost. Love in action is sweet to watch. That was just one day of our time in Le Mesa.  I have so much more I could share, but did want to give you just a little taste this morning. Praise God for these missionaries we get to support as a church.* Words I received this morning from Earl in Colorado – “Snow last night, 33 degrees right now. Difficult to describe.”
Words I offered in response to Earl in Colorado – “Come on home, Son. Its 33 degrees here too, only its Celcius, not Fahrenheit”* on the Prayer front
1. Pat Peterson – I received an email this week from Pete. He shared, “Pat has been very sick since we’re here, Dr’s, Hosp’s  etc. on and on they did an operation and came up with stage 3 cancer, After the operation, she came up with Lymphedema. Her legs were swollen and in pain for 2 months. Now it has come down so she is taking chemo and radiation for the next 5/6 months, so we cannot come to Mexico. I rented a house in Florida for 5 months so we may or not be in San Carlos for a while. I hope she gets better soon. You and the Church and are in my Prayers. Love from MN.   Jim and Pat”

2. Another note from Christie and Walt – “We have seen God at work in the life of our great grandbaby Ellie (and she is grand!). I spent 10 days in Neonatal Intensive Care with my granddaughter and Ellie at St. Louis Children’s Hospital (Ellie was there for 3 months)…a precious time of seeing God at work helping Ellie to breathe in the midst of emergency bells ringing…a time for my granddaughter, Kali to see Jesus right there in that room. Today, Ellie is at home in Springfield, Missouri…she still needs to be fed through a tube in her nose…she is 4 months old and 10 pounds…PRAISE GOD!!!!! We need her to grow so she will be ready for the 4 heart surgeries that will correct her many heart problems. I believe that Jesus heals the “broken hearted” and I am claiming that promise for Ellie in the physical realm not just in the emotional realm.”

3. I have not heard any recent updates on Howard Losey. But he and Susie need our prayers as well. Please keep these people and others you are aware of in your prayers in the days to come.

* I haven’t had a chance to talk with Howard yet, since we got home. But what a treat to hear that their team had 83 leaders, representing 20 churches, come to hear about how they could receive training for ministry, right here at the Bible School. Praise God for this opportunity to influence people for Christ. Blessings to you – Howard, Susan and team.

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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