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February 25, 2014
Good Morning SCCC Family,        

* Thursday 5:30pm – you don’t want to miss it – Our Annual Meeting. Come ready to connect with church family over a delicious meal, catered just for you on this occasion. We’ll get to hear some reports from the ministry groups within our church and you’ll be blessed by the music shared by the students at Howard & Susan’s Bible College. SEE YOU THURSDAY!
* Another great weekend – After the service Saturday, we joined some folks out at Empalme to see the tail end of the Jesus Film being shown at one of the more difficult areas of the city. Way to go, Rob Kehler! We then wandered down the street and nibbled on some of the great Mexican dishes at the street vendors! So, so Good! 5am came early on Sunday, but it was worth it to see Team Canada hunker down and Win the Gold. After Service, brunch with a bunch of you at the Dafoes and then Supper & “Hoof and Mouth” with another group of SCCC’ers at the Pfisters. Where else would anyone want to live? So sad for those of you who will have to leave this spring. Not only that, we’re going to miss you when you go!
Dan Atkinson’s surgery went well. He will be back to join us after rehab. Keep him in your prayers.
Thank you to those who joined us on Sunday to pray for Mary Sprague as she deals with a newly diagnosed cancer. Mary and Jeff are in Tucson this week doing further tests. Praying for you guys.
* Talk Back Question of the Week – What a treat to hear back from you this week. I’ve received 30 responses to the question of how many denominations are represented within our church family at SCCC. At this point, 17 denominations are represented. Hit “reply” if you haven’t yet responded and would like to be included.
* Quote of the Week, “Diversity is Divine, its Division that’s Diabolic.”  Tony Palmer – Praise God for both the diversity and the unity we possess as a church family.
* I see several Bible verses in the box this week. If you’d still like to add your favorite Bible verse into the infrastructure of our expanded ministry center, please place it in the outgoing “Mail Box” at the church.
* Bill and Donna – If you folks are able to receive emails back in Alabama, please know that we love you and continue to pray for you as you walk out this part of your journey.
* A number of you have asked about Jean Baker. Jean emailed last week. She is going through her last round of chemo and hopes to be in San Carlos for several weeks near the end of March.
* Yes, tomorrow is the day – moving Day! 488 Agua Prieta is our new home in the Country Club. New phone number – 226-2094. Email stays the same –
* A shift in Nehemiah this week as our text moves from the rebuilding of the walls to the rebuilding of the people. How appropriate – the rebuilding of the walls started with prayer in Neh 1 and the rebuilding of the people starts with the reading of the Word in Neh 8. I have so enjoyed this book. I think it relates well to all that is happening here at SCCC. And here in Chapter 8, Nehemiah shows us that the desire of the Lord is that we would understand His Word, which in turn would cause us to enjoy our Christian journey, which in turn would result in our application of His Word, which ultimately results in a fulfilled life – and all of that because of what Jesus did for you and I!

The other piece that captured me was that not only did Ezra read the Word, the Levites took time between the readings to explain, to give the “sense” as it says, of the Word to the people. It’s a model which we endeavor to follow at SCCC as we encourage you to be involved in the Ladies, Men’s and Small Group ministries here at SCCC. It’s a place where we can flesh out the Word and learn how to apply it in a meaningful way in our own lives. See our own “Pastor” Chuck if you’re not hooked in yet.  

Praying you have a great week!
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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