FTPD – AGM Notice – Constitution and By-Laws

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February 12,, 2015 
Hello SCCC Family,

Well here it is, everything you’ve been waiting for – 2 emails a week from the Pastor! This is a newsworthy email however and I encourage you to read through it. Please note that this email serves as your 14 day notice in preparation for the Annual General Meeting. Three items are included:

1. Rewritten Constitution & Bylaws – Click on this link http://1drv.ms/1EhU8Vd and you can download, read or print it. Page one is a cover page reviewing the intent of the document. Page 2-5 is the Constitution, Page 6-21 is the Bylaws. We will be voting on the acceptance of this document at the AGM on Feb 26. 

2. Deacon Nominee Slate – Thank you for your signed nominations for the role of Deacon, After review by the deacons and elders, five people have chosen to let their names stand for the election of three positions at the AGM. Their names are: Ruben Bustos, Terry Cummins, Maris Kalmbach, Sheila Pfister and Richard Scapinello. They will be introducing themselves during the meal at the AGM. As a pastor, I’m extremely grateful for this slate of nominees. Everyone of them brings something special to the table. Everyone is serving in some capacity at the churh/mission. I’m guessing that everyone of them will still be serving after the elections as well. But it does remain for each of us to pray and to allow the Holy Spirit to guide us in the filling of these three deacon positions.

3. Elder Affirmation – The Board of Elders, having interviewed and prayerfully considered the following candidates for affirmation as new Elders, hereby present for your consideration and affirmation:

Buck Monza
Stephen McLean

You will have the opportunity to affirm them at the Annual General Meeting. If you have any objection to their affirmation, please make that objection known to the Elders prior to the AGM as provided in the By-Laws of San Carlos Community Church.

on behalf of the Elders and Deacons,
Pastor Glenn

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