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Next Sunday is Benevolence Sunday. Benevolence is a big part of this church’s ministry to our community. I invite you to support this church endeavor. As part of that, we have a Benevolence Bazaar this coming Saturday on the church veranda. All the proceeds go to the Benevolence Fund. These are high-end handcrafted items (one is a great handcrafted knife by myself!) donated by the talented people of our church. There are some great artistic people in SCCC. There is one table of all those slimming pastries that you all like to eat.

And as to pastries, the youth are raising funds for a youth retreat in Santa Ana in March. They will be making these pastries available after the worship service on the veranda. Please help support our youth group ministry.

The youth have been collecting musical instruments and creating their own worship team. You have seen them on the worship platform at Christmas. Two of the youth are regulars in our Sunday worship team. What they lack is a good-quality bass guitar. If someone has a good bass to donate or could sell, please write to us or contact Pastor Mayra at the church.

There is no Thursday Israel class until Feb 15.

Sunday, Joshua chapter five in three sections of the story and I see the first and last as connected, at least in my thinking. The story starts with them camped on the west side of the Jordan River and Joshua is instructed that it is time to circumcise all the males. This had not happened in forty years since the exodus. This act distinguished them from the other cultures. But notice the distinguished part is hidden within clothing.

In Deuteronomy 30 is a verse that is different look at circumcision. It was a call for a heart that was circumcised. A cutting of the heart, that is also hidden. A person asked me what it means to be “cut to the heart.” My answer is that the heart is what we give. And we lay ourselves open to those we love and trust. They gain entry to us in our vulnerability. God wants us to be in that state of heart to him. Circumcision is about vulnerability to God.

The Hebrew people crossed the Jordan River and set themselves in a place of vulnerability to God. There they camped and rested. They had set themselves apart for him. They had distinguished themselves as his people and not like the cultures around them. It was a pledge that they would be his and set apart for his purposes. It took obedience on their part for this.

Being vulnerable to God and being set for him only takes continued obedience. It is not a one-time act of faith. The previous generation had been circumcised and failed to continue in obedience. This generation had a new opportunity. First, they had to cross an obstacle in their path to follow God. In obedience, they walked through the Jordan River. Now it was obedience to circumcision. The next great test of obedience was to take Jericho in unconventional methods of warfare. Could this generation continue in obedience to God?

That is a question to us too. Will we be like previous generations, or will we walk in obedience and set ourselves apart for his purposes? It is a choice of faith.

Without writing the whole of the Sunday script for you here, you can hear the full service on our FB page under the icon “Videos” and the audio of this message is on our website, in the icon of “Audio” We are also on YouTube, just search under San Carlos Community Church. Please share and like us on FB and YouTube.

Blessings, Chuck. Next Sunday, a special message from Denver Jantz


1st Sunday each month, Celebration of the Lord’s Table.

2nd & 4th Sunday each month, Cookie Sunday 6 pm, Jan 15

Every Wednesday @ 9 a.m. – Ladies Mountain Mover’s Prayer.

Thursday @ 8:30 a.m. – Men’s Bible study. First time is free! Come on gentlemen.

Every Friday @ 5 p.m. – Youth Ministry Every Sunday @ 9 a.m. – Children’s Church with Pastor Mayra; Bi lingual.

We will be open for public worship services Sunday. Service will also be LIVE on Facebook. You do not need an account. If the “live” feed you are receiving is interrupted we encourage you to please return and go the page and bring up “Videos” and you will find the recorded video for each Sunday. (

Right Now Media. Is ready!

SCCC has taken a one year membership with Rightnow Media. We are offering this resource to SCCC. I love using Rightnow Media and am very excited that you will be able to have this material resource too! It contains biblical educational videos that have accompanying study books that compliment the video, these can be used for group study or personal study. The studies available are of books of the Bible and also some that are topical. There are resources for adults, men, women, teens and videos teaching for children. I also found ‘conference’ videos that you can take advantage of. In all there are 20,000 videos available. That is a lot of education and inspiration material. The purpose of SCCC in offering this to you is to give you the resources to explore your faith and grow in Christian maturity. This membership provides for us material in English and Spanish, so it suits our church community very well. Please take advantage of this material and let us know what you think.

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