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It is a good Day; Did you ever get up to the balcony in the church sanctuary? A few changes have been made up there. Don G noticed the ladies have a table up there for their Bible study. However, he noted the table does not have much lighting. So, he suggested he would build a light that hangs down from the ceiling. I pictured some out-of-date swag lamp, but what he built was a very fitting light for the décor of that area. It is brilliant. Thank you, Don.

He has also been making some changes to the classroom in the balcony with better lighting and erecting a wall that creates a storage place for the church’s Christmas decorations. Some of the men are helping him and donating the materials for the wall. Thank you, Don, for overseeing this and doing such a great job. Another item to note in the balcony is a bookcase of excellent books for reading and study. I encourage you to take a look, for there is a variety from novels to biblical research.

Benevolence Bazaar was on Saturday on the church veranda. All the proceeds went to the Benevolence Fund. The items were high-end handcrafted items (one was a great handcrafted knife by myself!) donated by the talented people of our church. There are some great artistic people in SCCC. There was one table of all those slimming pastries that you all like to eat.

The youth have been collecting musical instruments and creating their own worship team. You have seen them on the worship platform at Christmas. Two of the youth are regulars in our Sunday worship team. What they lack is a good-quality bass guitar. If someone has a good bass to donate or could sell, please write to us or contact Pastor Mayra at the church.

There is no Thursday Israel class until Feb 15.

Sunday, Denver Jantz brought a message of the story of redemption. He started in Exodus 2:23 to 3:12. It is the story of Moses before the burning bush and the direction he was given to go to Pharoh. It is the story of the people being redeemed from slavery under the oppression of the Egyptians.

There are parallels between their slavery in Egypt and spiritual slavery. And there are two responses to the redemption offered. One is to be ignorant of the need for reception. Or saying, there is nothing there that can help me. The other is to admit there is a need and you cannot take care of it yourself. It is being aware of your spiritual condition.

But we need to respond to God who made provisions for this redemption. The people in Egypt “cried out to God” under the yoke of oppression. God hears when we call! The Bible says so in Jeremiah 33:3 that he will do mighty things for us when we call him.

God before the fall prepared for the world to be redeemed. His plan is three-fold, to rescue us, to ransom us, and to renew us.  His is a plan of restoration. You need to ask and call, saying yes, I believe God can do this for me. It starts with us accepting the offer of a relationship with him—your choice.

This is only a small, short summary of what was said and said well by Denver, and without writing the whole of the Sunday script for you here, you can hear the full service on our FB page under the icon “Videos” and the audio of this message is on our website, in the icon of “Audio” Also, our worship services are now available “live” on YouTube. Please subscribe and “Like” our channel, as it pushes the visibility of our channel up.

Blessings, Chuck. Next Sunday, a special message from Pastor Mayra Gonzalez

Coming Up is the annual AGM on Feb 22 at 6 pm in the church fellowship hall. Bring a dessert to share.


1st Sunday of each month, Celebration of the Lord’s Table.

2nd & 4th Sunday each month, Cookie Sunday 

3rd each month, Monday Night at the Movies at 6 pm, 

Every Monday @ 1:11 pm – Griefshare

Every Wednesday @ 9 a.m. – Ladies Mountain Mover’s Prayer.

Thursday @ 8:30 a.m. – Men’s Bible study. The first time is free! Come on gentlemen.

Every Friday @ 5 p.m. – Youth Ministry 

Every Sunday @ 9 a.m. – Children’s Church with Pastor Mayra; Bilingual.

For the rest of the story, you can follow us on the website and hear the audio or watch the entire service or part of it on our facebook page.

You can also listen to Sunday messages the SCCC website You can listen to these messages @;

Also, our worship services are now available “live” on YouTube. Please subscribe and “Like” our channel, as it pushes the visibility of our channel up. Here is the link.

You can contact the church by email for more information about these events at

Right Now Media. Is ready! SCCC has taken a one-year membership with Rightnow Media. We are offering this resource to SCCC. I love using Rightnow Media and am very excited that you will be able to have this material resource too! It contains biblical educational videos that have accompanying study books that complement the video, these can be used for group study or personal study. The studies available are of books of the Bible and also some that are topical. There are resources for adults, men, women, and teens, and videos teaching for children. I also found ‘conference’ videos that you can take advantage of. In all, there are 20,000 videos available. That is a lot of educational and inspirational material. The purpose of SCCC in offering this to you is to give you the resources to explore your faith and grow in Christian maturity.

This membership provides us with material in English and Spanish, so it suits our church community very well. Please take advantage of this material and let us know what you think.

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