Pastor’s Desk 2016-01-05

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Good Morning SCCC Family,
* Well, here we go, early and on time for the first Pastor’s desk of 2016!  A little rain last night, still dark out though as I’m writing – just waiting to catch a glimpse of our new day. What’s around the corner? What’s around the corner for the year in focus? What’s around your corner? I guess we can simply wait and let life happen, or we can be proactive as we partner with our Lord in asking, in seeking His direction, in listening, in being ready, in following through on the impressions He puts in our heart. I hope that’s where we all find ourselves as we enter this new year and this new opportunity. Paul’s words from the Philippians remind us that our Lord is the one who began a good work in us and if its God who began it, then God will also complete it. I’m once again challenged to listen carefully to the impressions He places on my heart.  
* It seems the Lord may already be way ahead of us as we will be meeting with a potential youth pastor for our church this coming weekend. Matthew Wyka, from Bloomington, MN, will be meeting with our church leadership to see if this role would be a good fit for him and if he would be a good fit for our church. Matt is a credentialed pastor, loves the Latin culture, fluent in Spanish, 3 years in the military, has done a 3 month mission trip to Peru and is heading out on a second similar trip this month. Matt recently completed his role as youth Director of a pretty progressive youth organization in Clear Lake Iowa. Take the opportunity to say hello to Matt when you see him this Sunday!
            It was in May that we asked Justin McLean to begin the development of a youth ministry and what a job he has done over the last 8 months. I personally am grateful for all Justin has put in place. When he took the role, he understood that there were no expectations for him to continue this role after completing his grade 12 school year. At the same time, we didn’t and don’t want to lose him if he wasn’t moving on when he completes school this summer.
            So we will see wait and see how the Lord directs over the next while. But most importantly, would you all join us in praying for God’s next steps in this ministry?
A few reminders for the coming days (events are also listed on the church website)
* Jan 15-16 — 24 Hours of Prayer for the church, missions and our community.
* Jan 21 – Church (Potluck) Fellowship Meal
* Jan 26 – Mark Mulligan Concert @ the church – 6:00 pm
* The “Bait of Satan” Bible Study will begin on Thursday, Jan 14, 6:00 pm at the church. “Offense” is the bait Satan so often uses to distract us from loving and appreciating each other. This 6 week video series will be a great tool in helping each of us understand how to firstly recognize, but then to also deal with offenses. I challenge every attendee of SCCC to make this a priority in the development of your spiritual growth for 2016.
* The Ladies Bible Study, begins Tues, Jan 19 with a 8 week video and discussion study on “What Love is”. There are two time options (10-11:30am and 1-2:30pm).
* Sue Marston’s “co-ed” Bible study on “Faith – the trial of Faith” continues on Wed, Jan 13th, 10:30 am at the church.
* Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Mark Mulligan’s upcoming benefit concert on Tuesday, Jan 26 @ 6:00pm. I got to hear some of the highlights from their recent missions trip to Guatemala a few weeks ago. I’m trusting Mark will share a little of that with us that night as well. Admission will be by donation and the proceeds will be equally shared with Mark’s Mission projects and our Church’s Missional Outreach Funds.
* Remember the Krahn’s (Ancla de Amor) home grown orange juice last winter? Well, it will be back this Sunday. They will also have mandarin oranges for sale. Once again, all the proceeds from this delicious product are used to fund the ongoing costs of the ministry.

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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