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Good Morning to You All
We are back “in the saddle”, so to speak. Jeannine and I returned to SC on October 13 and we’re so glad to be home once again. As usual, there’s always a few things to fix and a few things to get running again. My toilet was sending water to the floor rather than the holding tank at the back and those kinds of things. All of it is easy to fix, it just takes a little time. Christina kept the plants flourishing and I’ve been told that a “Harley ridin” gardener may have pulled the weeds outside, which made it a delight to come back to. Mandarins and Navels are numerous on the two trees, can’t wait to sink my teeth into those, probably in a couple of months. Its good to be back. Welcome Back with Mark Mulligan (last Wed) made us feel at home again. Missed seeing him and hearing his music!
Even better to get to church on Sunday and hear the amazing worship, wow we have a great team.  And to say hello and give hugs to so many friends that we haven’t seen for a while. Some folks are back from the North. We look forward to saying “Welcome Home” to all of you who plan on coming to SC this winter. We visited a number of churches over the summer, but this one is home. So good! 110 adults in church on Sunday. Part of that was a bible school class from Miller (Salmon Arm, BC) who are here once again for an “on the field”  missions class at CEC. Got to see Devon & Marisol’s new baby – congrats you guys! There’s another (I believe a three month term) class being led by Ken and Ruth VanKirk at CEC. The Bairds are transitioning into leadership of the former Navarro’s Kings Kids. Along with many guests over the summer, there’s a new family in church (Alfonso, Rosa and children) saved and baptized at SCCC. But they’ve been impacted by our Benevolence team, our VBS, many of our church folks and by the ministry of Pastor Chuck. I understand Alfonso wept when he heard Pastor Chuck and Lynn would be gone for these two weeks. Everyone here has just gone above and beyond to make this summer a summer of ministry at SCCC. Yea, God! Thank you for blessing our church family.
Its been so good to get back and hear about the connections the Sheridans (Pastor Chuck and Lynn) have made with our church family. Before we left in May, I wrote the following in our newsletter:
              “We are so looking forward to all that the Sheridans will add to our church family. The leadership team brought them on board with two reasons in mind:
              1. We often had excellent preaching throughout the summer months when we (Glenn & Jeannine) were gone. However, we didn’t have that “shepherd” presence that cared for the people, connected with them on a regular basis, or someone to give consistent leadership oversight to our church family while we were gone. . .
              2. During the winter months, there is a much greater need for leadership than can physically be accomplished. We simply needed more pastoral help to serve the people the way they deserve to be served. Now we can do both!
              Folks not only can we, but we now have both! Thanks to your input and your generosity, we have seen the first of those reasons entirely fulfilled. A year round church has truly been in action all summer. And we look forward this winter to the increased capacity we will have in pastoral leadership.
By the way, Chuck & Lynn will be back in SC this Saturday afternoon/evening and they will need a hand unloading their belongings which they are bringing back from Canada. If you can help, please send me a text or an email or call and when I find out their arrival time, I’ll send you the info. Would so appreciate your help. or 622-118-4188.
Unfortunately, I must also share some very sad news with you. On Friday afternoon, Carol Miller passed away at her home on the Caracol. It’s a tragic and unexpected loss. Carol had co facilitated a group with Kathryn Teitzel during the winter ladies bible study. Please pray for her son Jamie & family, for her grandsons and the many friends who will be impacted by this loss. Our heartfelt condolences go out to her family. We will provide more information as it becomes available.
Men’s Breakfast and Study: Bryan White will be leading a study on “Gentleness”. I think a study on gentleness will be an interesting theme amongst a group of men! Thanks Bryon. Looking forward to it.
              Harv T. lead us last week on a study on Patience. I’ve always jokingly said, “Patience are for hospitals”, (pun intended). But after our lesson, it was pretty clear that patience is a spiritual discipline God wants each of us to strive for.  Come on over to Tequila’s on Thursday (8:30am) for a little breakfast and a good time of study & fellowship with the guys!

Please take advantage of our Prayer Wall – The Prayer Wall on our church website is a great way to keep informed of the needs of our church family and/or to request prayer for a need you have.
Sermon ReviewOn Sunday, we began a new serious on Perseverance. We looked at the tests we go through in life and then looked at why God gives us / allows those tests and the conclusion is simply that “what has been tested, can be trusted”. And although we don’t understand God’s timing, we do understand that his tests help us to persevere, so that He can build up our character to be more like His, so He can use us to fulfill His plans in our lives.

In Luke 8:40-56, we see 3 tests all of us have faced, or will face at some time.
1. Test of Delay – as seen through Jairus, Abraham, Moses and David, etc.

2. Test of Despair – as experienced by Jairus & the woman who touched Him.
3. Test of Discouragement – again with Jairus and the same woman.

The question is how do we respond to these tests? Will we run, shake our fists at God, panic, or will we persevere? As you follow the story in Luke 8, you see the way Jairus responded to the tests. God does test us, not to hurt us or set us back, but to help us grow in character. He doesn’t want us to simply knuckle down and survive the tests, He wants to change us through the tests. Even with Jairus, he was expecting a healing for his daughter and yet God, on the other side of the tests, gave him something much greater – a resurrection.

What is it that God might be wanting to do in your life. Are you willing to persevere? Is there an even greater miracle on the other side of the tests you are facing? Having said that, God may or may not change your circumstances, but He will always change you as you persevere. God’s plans are great. Will you hang on and wait to see what He will do in and through you.
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Praying you all have a wonderful week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine  

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