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Good Morning Church Family,

“Get your motor runnin’, head out on the highway, looking for adventure, in whatever comes our way.” It may be an old song, but that was me on a 2003, anniversary edition, Heritage Softail, last week. It was great to get on and to hear the rumble of that sweet engine as I took it through the gears. The only thing, I’ll do better next time is put on a brand new, button down, pitch black, genuine HD shirt which I recently received from some good friends. I love it when people get me! Okay, I’ve got it out of my system now! Just needed to tell you that this morning. It’s a great day in San Carlos.

Well, I’m getting the pots filled again. Some nice tomato plants growing already. Some leaf lettuce starting to take shape. Built a planter for a better supply of lettuce this year. We’ll see how that works. Geraniums are transplanted. Six oranges starting to turn color on the first orange tree we planted in our yard several years ago. Can’t keep up with the limes, but only a few mandarins on the other tree. There’s still a little “farm” in the boy. I do enjoy watching it all grow.

Its was so good to see returning and/or new folks at church again this last Sunday. The chance to catch up with you and to swap some stories is a huge treat for me. Karen Ruddock prepared the communion and said that 127 participated last Sunday. Many of you returning folks must be trying to beat the snow this year! That’s wonderful and we welcome you all back to SC.

Memorial Service for Don Kirkwood – Charlis has invited all their friends from SCCC to a Memorial Service for Don this Saturday. For those wanting to attend the release of the ashes at sea, they will be leaving the Marina at 10am. A lunch and Memorial time will follow at 11:30 am at the Yacht Club.

“I Love my Church” workday – Tuesday, Nov 13 at the church – There is half dozen little jobs, or jobs that would become very little with your help. We’re going to recover about 30 chairs, re hang the sound baffles in the old sanctuary, caulk some doors, a bit of cleanup, etc. Would you come help “love your church” on that Tuesday?

Back Pack materials continue to come in. If you’d like to participate, we are looking for some more school supplies to fill these backpacks. You can drop them off with Mayra at the church.

Selene Diaz, our Youth Director, is still looking for a place to live in San Carlos. She does need it by the end of the week as the owners of the home she is in are returning this coming weekend. If you know of any potential places for her to live, she would be so grateful.

I did want to take a few moments to update you on some of the current happenings within our church family. Each of these folks would so value our prayers and support:

  1. Jeff Parker and his son leave today for the Shriner’s Hospital in Los Angeles. They anticipate being there for 28 days, including tests, surgery and follow up for Aiden. The church has provided just over half of the funds required for their travel, meals, accommodation, etc. Some folks from the community have also helped out. Thank you all for your generosity. Please be praying for Jeff and his family. This is a huge challenge for Jeff and it would be so great for them to experience God’s presence through this entire journey. 
  2. Van Brown – is in Palliative care in Texas. Van, Nancy and family would really appreciate our prayers! Nancy returns to Texas today as well. 

Sermon Thoughts: Instead of reviewing the first message of the “Hearing God” series, I’d like to try an experiment which I hope will help you apply the truths we talked about on Sunday.  You can review the audio message on the church website under the “audio messages” tab.  I’d ask you to consider taking the time to write down or to simply contemplate the following questions this week, as it relates to “Hearing God”

1. When you made the decision to follow Jesus, what happened in you that made you think or feel that you needed to do that? How did you know? How could you tell that He came into your life?
2. Has there been a time when a Bible verse you read seemed to be directed at a particular situation or circumstance you were going through? Or a verse seemed to pop out at you. Can you explain it?
3. Have you ever been reading Scripture when suddenly a thought came to you that helped you understand that passage in a way you hadn’t understood it before? Can you put that in words?
4. Have you ever heard a sermon that really seemed to be directed right at you? It almost seemed like the preacher was speaking right at you? Explain…
5. Have you ever felt a prompting, nudge or urgency to do, or not to do something? Explain:
6. Are there other ways in which God has spoken to you? Dream? Vision? Audible voice? Other?

If you answered any of these six questions, you have already heard God! It proves what the Bible said: “My sheep hear my voice!” Not will hear; they already do! If you have a chance, share your answer with someone you know this week.
If you were not able to fill in any of these questions, then you’re in the right place – that’s why you’re here – so you CAN hear God’s voice! And we’re all here so we can grow to hear Him even better!

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