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It is a good Day, Hello!  Sadly we watch people leave and head north. This time of year we say more good-byes than hellos! The surprise was this Sunday when you would think our attendance would go down but it went up by 30 people! We misjudged! We closed the balcony for upgrades. There are more electrical outlets now and availability for ceiling fans. The ‘stucco’ on the walls will be starting soon. With hot weather coming soon, we thought it would be the best to get this done soon. That balcony is going to look like the “private seating box” of an auditorium when finished.

This is going to be a good summer. We have some ideas for upgrades and trying some new ideas (like a new web site) to see what fits and works. As we go through the summer, you will hear more.

Hey did you notice, we do have new people in church who have decided to make this their home. People are taking the bold step to make the move. People are amazing. When you see someone new, step over and say hello. Each person could be a gift of wonderous design by God. Which brings me to a thought. The next cookie Sunday is April 10. Mark it on your calendar, bring cookies and step up to someone you don’t know and say “Hello.” It is not hard.

Sunday; This Sunday Pastor Mayra spoke and spoke very personally about the love the Lord gives us. But to realize this love and who we are in Christ! “We are made to be loved.” Her text was 1 John 4:19. “We love, because he first loved us.” She knew from her youth the truth of John 3:16 but perhaps not personally. She spoke about the personal truth of learning her identity and that she has a great Father. And from him comes identity.

We must step out of the past lies we have believed. The past should not define us. In fact the devil hates us so much because we are created in the image of the Father. And you carry that family resemblance. So step away from your past and be the new creation you are to be. Pick up the image of your Father and move into a future.

God has a purpose for you. Step into the heavenly place with Christ.

I think we are going to hear more preaching of the Word from her in times to come.

You can listen to Sunday messages the SCCC website You can listen to these messages @;

or view on the SCCC facebook page.

Blessings, Pastor Chuck.

Easter Events coming soon!

Good Friday is April 15. Here in Mexico many of the people celebrate with parties and excessive late night drinking. The town of San Carlos has the capacity to fill up with beach goeres and all night parties. In the last two years the police have controlled this to an almost non event.  But some us suspect that this year with less restrictions that there will be a lot of partiers here for the weekend.

I have been praying about what to do to reach the people during this Easter event. Now I have 20 cases of a book in Spanish. The book is called, “Historias de la Vida Real.”  I think even as an English speaker you can figure out that title. They are filled with testimonies of people who came to Jesus. It seems provisional. I have an idea and will continue to watch and pray and see if the opportunity presents itself. The idea is to take cases of bottled water and put inside these books a short leaflet about the church and the love of God and go to the main street and pass out these books and a bottle of water with an invitation to visit the church on Easter Sunday. Pray with me as I continue to see how God may unfold this opportunity.

Baptism; a couple of people are interested in being baptized. We have a pool available to us. Or we may chill out for Jesus in the ocean! If you have not been baptized as a believer and this interests you, please let Pastor Chuck or Pastor Mayra know. We want to set aside Sunday April 17, which is Easter Sunday, and we have a lesson to go through with you before you are baptized.

Other Events

Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning @ 8, come pray with Pastor Chuck at the church.

Monday@ 2:22 Grief Share at the church with Christie

Wednesday @ 9 a.m. – Ladies Mountain Mover’s Prayer.

Also, Wednesday @ 1:30 Bible study – The book of Revelation. We watch a video and ask how accurate is it to the Bible. Currently looking at “Is there a Rapture?”

Thursday @ 8:30 a.m. – Men’s Bible study, prayer and breakfast at Tortuga’s. First time is free! Come on gentlemen.

Friday @ 5 p.m. – Youth Ministry,

Sunday @ 9 a.m. –Children’s Church with Pastor Mayra; Bi lingual.

You can contact the church by email for more information about these events at

We will be open for public worship services Sunday. Service will also be LIVE on Facebook. You do not need an account. If the “live” feed you are receiving is interrupted we encourage you to please return and go the page and bring up “Videos” and you will find the recorded video for each Sunday.






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