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January 6, 2015 
Happy New Year to you all,        

* Remember when we used to write “checks”, that ancient way of paying bills? Well we always knew it was a new year because for the first while, we’d often get caught writing the previous year on the check as opposed to the new year at hand. And then on occasion, you’d get the check mailed back to you because of the wrong date. Since I don’t write checks anymore, it seems that I don’t have as dramatic a reminder that it’s a new year. However, I have been reflecting on 2014 over the last few weeks, thinking about personal dreams I had for the year to come, thinking about the dreams that have materialized, those that were partially completed and others which didn’t materialize. There was some in each category and that’s okay. Its not a success and failure issue. Its an issue of having dreams. I’ve got a whole bunch for 2015 that have been percolating in my soul. We’ve got a few as a couple – those always include travel. I’m watching Jeannine on the travel websites again! That’s gonna be fun. I’ve got some dreams for our ministry here in the coming year – personal, family and church/corporate dreams. Do you have some dreams/goals as you enter 2015? What are you hoping for? What are your expectations for the coming year? Do you have personal goals or family goals? What about personal spiritual growth? How are you going to live out your faith in 2015? What will your actions reveal about you in 2015? I was reminded of a verse in Proverbs this morning – “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” Do you have a direction, a vision in your heart for the coming year? Interesting that the Bible says that those without that vision perish, they just kind of fade away, no dreams, no hope, no passion, no results, they just “perish!” Here’s a thought – “Get a dream in 2015.”

* Spanish classes starting on Friday at 4 at the church. You are welcome to attend this great opportunity. Jeannine and I are looking forward to it.

* Seeing that the nominations for new Deacons are closing tomorrow, I thought I’d try and give you a partial picture of what the deacons do to serve our church and who oversees those roles. Although each deacon provides input from feedback received from you and from their own observations, the “buck stops here”. So this is what it presently looks like:
Chairman                                                      Art Koenes
Treasurer:                                                     Lynne Penney
Building Project                                           Ronnie Woodfield
Civil Association Development                  Grant Dafoe
Missions & Benevolence:                           Jim McClelland
Missions Convention Feb 21-22                 Jim McClelland
Greeters /Ushers/Care Ministry                  Di Monza
Back Pack Project Oversight                      Brenda Koenes

Constitution Updates                                  Bob Gibson / Sue Marston
Fellowship / Potluck Events                       Sue Marston / Lynne Penney
Prayer Ministries                                         Sue Marston
Office Supplies/Janitorial/Wee Care          Lynne Penney
Provide Various help and input                 Dan Atkinson / Jan Springman
Recording Secretary                                   Nina Craig

Some of the portfolios will be changing around this year as three new deacons take their place in February. Sue, Brenda and Dan will have completed their terms of service. With the building and the AC completed, new areas of responsibility will be determined. If you know someone in SCCC, who loves the Lord and spends a significant part of the winter here or is here year round and could serve our church in any of the above mentioned areas, please feel free to nominate them as potential deacons by tomorrow. You can do so by responding to this Pastors Desk.

* We are looking forward to another Missions Convention on Feb 21-22. Jim McClelland is giving oversight and is working toward having each of our supported and non supported missionaries join us at SCCC for that weekend. Its going to be an amazing time. Mark it on your calendars!

* PRAYER NEEDS – Got an email from Dean and Fran last evening. Dean writes, “Fran is coming along good. Yesterday we went to church and today she wanted to go for a ride. We took a 3 hour ride through the country. She was tired but ok.”  Chuck Morton is back in Texas for surgery this week, Pat Peterson has her 6th round of chemo shortly, after which her and Pete hope to come back to SC for a bit. Jim Johnson still patiently healing from a nasty bicycle accident and Chuck and Nancy are hoping to return on the 15th all final tests going well. That’s a little of what I’ve heard that we need to be praying for. I’m sure there’s others as well.

* Sue Marston needs an update on who has church keys and the codes used to enter the church. Can you help her by sharing your present info with her if you have a key for the church?

* Small groups will begin shortly. We’re looking at hosting one at the church for the folks who stay on a short term basis and who aren’t as able to connect with already established groups. This will be a Wed afternoon/evening venue facilitated by a rotation of elders. Sue Marston is leading a group with the subject “Walk Worthy” which is open for new attendees as well. We’ll keep you aware of other small groups as they kick off.

* Darryl Kuntz reminded me of Melodrama auditions which are happening on Jan. 8th at the San Carlos Country Club…..Rotary Room… 2PM.

* The “edifice” is covered. Praise the Lord. An absolutely stunning set of front doors were being placed yesterday. Sanctuary lighting is in place. Still lots of details, but exciting days to say the least.

* Jeannine is working on the new Digital Phone Directory. If you could please confirm your emails and phone numbers with her, she’d like to have it ready for you to download by Feb 1. We will print “hard copies” for those of you who don’t have computers. You can also send updated phone # and emails by replying to this email. This will be a private, for attendees only directory, and not visible publically on our website.

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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