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January 20, 2015 

Good Morning SCCC Family,        

* The smiles on their faces tell the tale. Six of the folks from our church went out to Devon & Marisol’s on Saturday. Stan took along his remote control airplane to show the boys. I’m not sure who was more blessed, Stan or the boys! Others served through face painting, serving breakfast and simply loving on the kids. What a treat seeing folks who haven’t yet had a chance to see some of these Missions we support as a church in action. Brandon Baird is your contact for these great opportunities and there will be an option every week, if at all possible.

* The next missions opportunity is right next door at the Bible School. Howard needs some brick layers, cement mixers and a foreman to put up a block wall. They start at 8am on Friday and need about 6 guys to make it work smoothly. Email Brandon

* The Annual Medical Mission project is set to begin on Jan 30. This is always one of the finest as Drs and support staff spend a day in each community of their schedule to give free diagnosis, care and often meds. There will also be some opportunities for SCCC folks to participate in set up and staging. Tuesday night will be a special opportunity for 12 families to host 3 people each, from the team for dinner in our own respective homes. Brenda’s team will be at the church Sat and Sun if you’d like to sign up for or get more information on any of these options!

* John, Ryan and Steve are working this week on planning and building the stage for our new ministry center. I think I drive by every day as I dream about God’s plans for this new center.

* A number of our missionaries have responded that they will be at our Missions Convention on Feb 21-22 at SCCC. Mark your calendar for an opportunity to see and hear from each of these folks we support, either prayerfully, financially or both.

* 41 people at Spanish class last Friday. Folks, this is just an excellent way to begin the process of better communicating with our Mexican friends. Take advantage of this wonderful option – every Friday 4-6pm.

* This is your last week to  confirm your emails and phone numbers for the updated church directory.  Email your info to or click reply to this email.

* Prayer Needs – Unfortunately, Chuck Morton was not able to have his surgery last week as planned. Several complications have arisen and the surgery postponed until April.

Jenny Navarro shared with me last weekend, that they had several particularly sad situations presented to them last weekend and they are now the caregivers for several related people. Their plates are full and they need our prayers and encouragement. Thanks for those of you who plan to be there today to help out Jessie and Jenny. 

Received several more personal prayer requests this week. I share that as an encouragement for you to continue praying for our church family and those that the Holy Spirit brings to your mind during your prayer times.

Got an email from Joyce Davis (the other Joyce, not Stan & Joyce), who will be moving back to Texas. She shared that after 18 amazing years in SC, it was time to make the change. We wish you all of God’s best Joyce! I miss seeing you sitting in row 3 on Sunday mornings!

* Last weekend, we continued our Series on Lordship and we saw from the Gospels, that “if Jesus is in the center of our lives, the circumference will take care of itself.” Had a great conversation yesterday with a good friend, who has such a deep passion to follow Christ’s direction. I was so encouraged as I listened to him share. But its a challenging time for each of us as we determine where Jesus genuinely fits in our lives. The illustration we were left with last weekend was the check blank representing your life and all that you are, filled in with these words, “I acknowledge God as my Lord and willingly consecrate my life and all my resources to be used for His glory.” (Romans 12:1-2) The pay to the order of was “the Lord Jesus Christ” and the challenge – – – would you, would I sign that check and hand it over to Jesus. This coming weekend, we will complete the message of why Lordship is necessary. Once again, you can review any of the messages at

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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