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January 27, 2015 
Hello SCCC Family,             

* “New Beginnings” is the theme of our upcoming Missions Conference Feb 21 & 22. Jim has put together some excellent ways to connect with these missionaries personally and in the respective services during this great event. Many of our missionaries will be able to attend and I’m still in awe, when I realize that our church supports 12 of these missionaries in a substantial way financially, but it also supports 7 more prayerfully. Many of these are working right on our doorstep right here in Guaymas/San Carlos area so it’s huge that we can have these folks with us to tell their “God stories.”

* The wall changed from brick to “frost fence”, (some of you call it chain link) but nine more folks took of their time to build a “kritter keeper outer” wall at the Bible School last Friday. Another great job well done by volunteers at SCCC. I love it – newer attendees and some of those who have been there for a while, laughing, working together and being blessed as they served the Lord in this way. Boy, you sure see different sides of folks when they are working as compared to when they sit in the pew. When I look out over the congregation, I just don’t have the image of Barb Powell, sitting in a hole, piling rocks to keep a future post in place! What an encouragement to watch you all! Remember, Brandon Baird is your contact for these great opportunities and there will be an option every week, if at all possible.

* Those of you who signed up for the Medical Mission Team have an orientation this Friday at 9:30am at Brenda’s as you prepare for one of the finest outreaches our church is involved in. On another note, there is only 3 slots left if you’d like to be one of those folks who host just three of these volunteers for dinner in your home next Tuesday evening. Contact Mat or Donna at if you can help and you’ll get to hear the amazing stories first hand of all the things these guys do!

* The group that’s helping disperse the Samaritan’s Purse shoeboxes next Wed is filled right up. But if you’d like to observe what its like to see these children receive one of these boxes, you can follow these folks into Guaymas on Wednesday (tomorrow) as they will be leaving from SCCC at 2:30 pm.

* Yes, we were some excited as we picked up our kids in Hermosillo last Sunday after service. But not only our oldest son and wife (Justin and Melanie) but they brought our only two grandkids with them. I mean we love our kids, but who is that you really want to see, you know what I mean?  They will be in church with us this weekend and Lord willing, we are hoping to share something very special with you at that time, but that’s all the hint you get!

******  click here ******* for our new updated church directory that Jeannine’s been promising. Well its ready and you will be able to download and print the latest, most presently updated SCCC Email and Phone Directory. Thanks for all your help in confirming your information.

* Many of you know and love Mark Mulligan. Well Mark, Elsa and one of their sons (I think its Marcos) leave for Guatemala on a Missions Trip this Thursday. Pray for them as they give of themselves and as they get to see God at work through their time of serving there. Lord bless you guys. Look forward to hearing your stories when you get back!

* a Prayer Vigil – thanks Catharine for bringing this grand dream to the table. It all happens at the church and it begins Feb 13 @ 5pm and continues until the Sat Service begins the next day. There will be a sign up for one hour slots where you can personally devote that time to coming before the Lord and to pray particularly for our upcoming Missions Convention, Ministry Center Dedication, the Annual General Meeting, other events and for the folks of SCCC. Consider a time slot that works for you and be a part of calling on the Lord on behalf of our church, our friends and our church family!

* Prayer Needs – What a blessing to receive a prayer request from one of the men in our church family about a week ago, only to find out that all will be well after all. I get to hear some pretty special God stories sometimes. Their stories can’t all be shared but their answers to prayer are such an encouragement for me to simply put my concerns in His Hands.

* Last weekend, we completed the message regarding why Lordship is necessary in our lives. Four issues get settled in our lives when we fully submit our lives to Christ: 1. It settles the Position Issue – who is #1 in my life. 2. It settles the Permission Issue – who has a right to my life? 3. It settles the Profession Issue – My life moves from words/actions to direct obedience of God and 4. It settles the Possession Issue – Who owns the stuff in my life. I know it was a challenging series, but I pray you found yourself in the space where you truly wanted to “jump over that cliff” where you could now honestly declare – “God, you are number one in my life, You’re not only my Savior, but you are my Lord!” Once again, you can review any of the messages at

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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