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February 3, 2015 
Good Morning SCCC Family,

* Yep, an “all nighter” at the church! (Unbelievable as it sounds, But it starts on Friday the 13th at 5pm) a number of you either signed up or said you were planning to sign up to pray for one hour at the upcoming prayer vigil. Perfect timing for us to gather for a time of committed corporate prayer to particularly invite and encourage God’s presence throughout the upcoming Missions Conference, Movie Nights, Annual General Meeting, Ministry Center completion and together to pray for the personal needs of friends and family of SCCC. So grateful to Catharine and the team who have put this all together. Sign up, join us as we pray with expectancy, believing for God to do His Good Work through this corporate time of prayer!

* Three generations under our roof last week – this time I was the oldest! Remember when we used to go to Gramma’s house? We had a super week with our kids here this week, lots of fun, quadding, and lots of good Mexican food. There’s some really good authentic places to eat hidden away in Guaymas as well as SC. But the capstone was the weekend services, where I got the chance to work together with my Son, Justin as we shared about the journey we’ve been on as “Father/Son”. Its so good to be in a good place in our relationship, but as you heard, there are always bumps in the journey. Your many encouraging words just revealed to us how significant the issues of family relationships are and can become. I think Justin said it best though when he said, “remember, your story is not yet finished.” There is still time to redeem it. There’s still time for you to make the next move. And that would be our prayer for every person who felt the Spirit nudging them in one of their personal relationships. Listen to the message at

* Frank, Vic and Alex are hard at work building the stage in the new Ministry Center. Little by little, its all coming together. Thanks guys for serving in this special way. We are grateful! Please be praying that our occupancy permit would soon be given to us. We need this before we can connect the power and follow through with telephone, cyberco, etc. 

* Your updated SCCC Church Directory is ready.  Simply  ****** click here *******    and you can download and print it at your convenience. Jeannine has printed a few copies for those of you who don’t have access to a computer to do so.

* I watched another amazing group of volunteers leave the church yesterday to head over to Jesse and Jenny’s “King’s Kids” orphanage. A number of folks generously supplied the funds for these guys at last Saturday’s service so that the team put together some great pizzas for an amazing group of children. Not only cooking, but also having fun with the kids, loving the kids, flying kites and bringing joy into their lives. If you happened to be in church on Sunday, you saw a number of the King’s Kids who so faithfully attend our “Adventures with God” Children’s Church. The one that still grips my heart is the 12 year old mother, who was in Children’s Church while her little baby attended the nursery. Thank the Lord for folks like Jesse and Jenny who have given their lives so that these kids can have a second chance to see how life could truly be different with Jesus. Thanks volunteers for making their evening special and thanks to all the folks who serve at the King’s Kids ministry.

Remember, Brandon Baird is your contact for these great opportunities. If you’ve never been out at one of these places, why don’t you give it a try? If you have gone, you also know how comfortable it would be to bring along an unchurched friend. Consider who you might bring!  

Prayer Needs – Got an email last Saturday from a Gramma, whose son and daughter in law, had a little baby last September. But because of a broken relationship, they have never seen this precious granddaughter and are not even sure of her name. Let’s join them in praying for a restored relationship.

* Thirty team members, plus volunteers from SCCC are heading from community to community throughout this whole week – offering medical diagnosis, treatments, meds, glasses, the Gospel and Prayer. They are the Medical Mission Team. What a gift as this team brings the whole package to a whole bunch of grateful, but needy people. Tonight, a dozen families from the church will be hosting several team members for a dinner in their respective homes. I wish I could be the fly on the wall that would be hearing all the “God stories” which are going to be shared. Enjoy and be blessed as you serve.  

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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