Pastor’s Desk 2015-02-10

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February 10, 2015 
Good Morning SCCC Family,

* In Luke 18:1 Jesus said, “Men ought always to pray, and not faint” (KJV) The unfortunate fact is that faintness or weakness of spirit can, like a shadow, attend our prayer life and Christian walk.  We will not know the full potency of prayer until our hearts are continually inclined towards God.  Colossians 3:1 exhorts us to “set our hearts on things above” (NIV) and I Thessalonians 5:17 adds “pray continually”.  Of course, we cannot be uttering prayers every moment of the day but let’s keep our minds constantly open to God’s voice and direction.  Powerful prayers of faith take root in the soil of a soul that is always open to God.  The Holy Spirit moves in and through a life committed to unbroken communion with our Heavenly Father.

* In light of that, I rejoice – what a sight – the signup for the 24 Hour Prayer Vigil has been filled. Starting this Friday at 5 Pm and for the next 24 hours, there will be someone at the church for the entire 24 hours praying specifically for our Church family, for our vision for the future, for our missionaries, for influence in our community, for healing and health, provision and for God’s presence in our lives. Just a reminder, there will also be an elder at the church for the entire night, so no one will be praying alone or need to fear someone showing up unexpectedly. You can still participate if you like as we’d love to see lots of people praying at the same time. Styles of prayer are different for all of us. There will be pillows for the kneelers, you can sit on the platform or walk around. It doesn’t matter, but we want to call on God. Come be a part of calling out to God on behalf of SCCC. Thank you to each of you who will be there.

* Jeannine and I met with or will meet with several families this week who plan to relocate to San Carlos. Another couple from our previous church in Puerto Vallarta are also moving to SC on April 1. Families with children and teens in the church. Wow, was it packed on Sunday! Praise God for our amazing ushers and greeters who welcomed them and found them a place to sit!!! God is doing a good thing. Keep on praying that His hand rests on our Church family in a way that builds His SCCC family into an influential force for His Kingdom.

* Missions Missions Missions “NEW BEGINNINGS” is the theme of this wonderful event. On Sat, Feb 21, join us for a 10am Meet and Greet Brunch. Most of our missionaries, both those financially supported by SCCC and those presently on our Church Prayer list will be there. There will be booths highlighting their ministries and many opportunities to connect all weekend. Feel free to invite them out for dinner after the Sat evening Service or Sunday morning service. Three different missionaries will speak at each service with other missionaries involved in other ways during these services. It will be awesome. I am so thankful to Jim McClelland for organizing this weekend with the missionaries we partner with. Folks, this is so much more than just sending them a check and a prayer. This is about what God is doing through each of us as we partner financially and prayerfully with these amazing people. Come, be blessed and get to know the people God has called us to partner with.

* Missions and More – Over 30 on the Medical Team this past week, along with 20 volunteers from the church participated in giving medical, optical and spiritual care to over 1000 of the local people who lined up for this purpose. Jeannine and I watched with enthusiasm last Friday as Betty Graham prayed with a young security guard who asked for a Bible. Others grinned as they tried on new glasses and of course, many more received free medical care and the required meds to go with it. Hats off to Art and Brenda for spearheading this annual event.

* Missions and More – Another team headed over to the King’s Kids Orphanage to give Jenny a break and to care for the kids by playing with and preparing the evening meal. Way to go Team SCCC! Yesterday, they headed off to Maggies, for another afternoon of face painting with the Kids and wall painting with the building.

* Received a call last night – Johnny Durham (Rebecca) from our church took a nasty fall and is in the hospital. Please pray for them.

* Maureen Davis’ brother in law Ric, is facing more challenges in his battle with esophageal cancer. Please be praying for him as well.

* So good to see Chuck and Nancy back this last weekend. He has had such a challenging winter with surgeries and health issues. So glad you’re back and pray that your healing will soon be complete.

* By way of Business, this Thursday, you will receive an additional “Pastors Desk” with a link to the rewritten Constitution and Bylaws. They have not been changed, but they have been re written in more understandable language and have dealt with any previous seeming incongruences. This has been an enormous undertaking and we are grateful to David Long and his team for fulfilling this mandate. We will vote on the acceptance of this document at the Feb 26 AGM. You will also receive the slate of nominees for the Deacon Role, who have let their names for an election at the Feb 26 AGM. There may be one additional announcement which will be confirmed by that time as well. So be looking for that additional piece this Thursday evening.

* Mark your calendars for “Movie Night” at the church. “God’s not Dead”, seriously He’s not, but that’s the name of the very well done movie, set on a university campus stage, which will be showing. Thursday, Feb 19 at 5:00 PM, bring a friend, enjoy the popcorn and pop (water)! See you there.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Prayer Vigil,
Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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