Pastor’s Desk 2015-02-17

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February 17, 2015 

Good Morning SCCC Family,  

* “New Beginnings” – our 2015 Missions Conference – begins on Saturday morning with a “Meet & Greet” Pancake Brunch. Its a come and go event from 10 till Noon. Most of the 19 Missionaries (families) which SCCC supports either financially, prayerfully or both with be there. Come on down and connect with these amazing servants. Ask your questions, have some fun, show your support, love on and enjoy your opportunity to get to know those we partner with as a church family! Saturday evening and Sunday morning services will highlight different missionaries at each service. If you can, you will want to attend both services. Everything going according to plans – we will have their displays up in the new “ministry center”, such appropriate ways to break in the new “edifice”!!

 * Regarding the “ministry center” I shared with you last weekend, the specific amounts required to complete and allow us to begin services in the new ministry center. What’s so praiseworthy is that everything you see standing on site today is PAID for. There is so little left to complete and if we’d all just give a little extra it would be done. I’m asking you to consider how you might help. Here’s the list I shared last weekend:

                                    Ministry Center Completion
            Need                                      Cost (USD)    Date Required
Occupancy Permit                              1,215.00          Immediate
Platform/Sound/Lights/Booth           6,720.00          Immediate
Office/Furnishings/Curtains              7,000.00          Immediate
Telephone / Internet                              500.00          Immediate
Wheel Chair Ramp/Lot Lights           1,000.00          Immediate
Level / Landscape Property               4,000.00          Immediate
Required Immediately                       20,435.00        

Sanctuary Chairs                               4,000.00          3/31/2015
CFE Transformer                                   800.00          3/31/2015
Air Conditioners                               14,000.00         3/31/2015
Required by March 31, 2015            18,800.00
* Land Transfer Costs to C.A.          8,644.00          Immediate

* This Thursday @ 5:00 pm – Its “Movie Night” at the Church with “God’s Not Dead”, a university setting with true to life debates over the existence of God, all set into a backdrop of story lines which have caused some to doubt His reality. Bring a friend, enjoy the popcorn, it will be a great evening.

* I trust you all received the additional Pastor’s Desk last Thursday, (1) identifying the 5 nominees who have let their names stand for the election which will fill the 3 deacon positions; (2) the names of the two elders you will be invited to affirm; (3) and the link to the “rewritten” and clarified Constitution and Bylaws which you will be voting to accept – all at our Thursday, Feb 26 Annual General Meeting. A catered meal, visions and reports will make up the rest of this “intentionally shorter” AGM.

* A great sense of God’s presence this last weekend as many of you participated in the 24 hour “Prayer Vigil”. Thank you for being there. Please send your thoughts and comments, the things God put on your heart while you were praying, to Catharine Gibson so she can correlate it and share it with the leadership.

* We’re in a series on the Promises of God and last week, we looked at God’s promise to guide us. I am so grateful for God’s Word; for God’s desire to guide us and His easily understandable model of how we can get there. Hear the message in its entirety at and click on audio sermons. 

* Once again, this week, we’ve had teams at Jesse & Jenny’s, at Brian & Clarissa’s, some of the folks finished the fence at “Susan’s Diner” (the Bible School next door) and some of the folks are working on the platform for the new sanctuary today. They are in need of one more person to help with the painting prep this morning shortly after 9am. If you can help, it would sure be appreciated. Thanks Brandon for all the events you coordinate! I think you’d be a great juggler!

* An Update from Shelli & Greg Neufeld – As you probably know, we left Hermosillo with a medevac way back in August as I Shelli got Leptospirosis, etc, etc, etc,….We are in Canada, and all is looking well, the seizures have stopped and I have some more brain testing at the end of this month and then hopefully we can get the go ahead to return to our ministry in Hermosillo.  I still cannot drive here as they took away my license, so I am hoping that that will be returned to me as well.  It has been a relaxing time here, not a lot of busy action, which is what we were needing.  Our kids are attending a Christian school here and loving it.  Greg has been going back to Mexico once a month, and is very encouraged as to how well the church is dong in our absence.  God is so Good!

Hoping to see you at the Missions Conference this weekend,
Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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