Pastor’s Desk 2015-02-24

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February 24, 2015
Good Morning SCCC Family,

* “New Beginnings” – our 2015 Missions Convention was spectacular and I say that without any exaggeration. Almost all of the missionaries connected with our church, (whether through financial support or prayer support) were there. One of the most unique things was the interaction between missionaries who hadn’t seen each other for a long time. The place was buzzing with people connecting. Along with a great dinner and connection time, Friday evening ended with a prayer circle of deacons and elders laying hands on and praying for the 17 missionary families in attendance. Breakfast on Saturday made way for many of you to intermingle with the missionaries and each other. Weekend services included 6 great presentations by missionaries sharing about their respective work, (wish we could have heard from them all, but time doesn’t allow); others were involved in opening and closing the services with short talks, and of course Ryan, Katie and Team who represent the Bible College next door, leading us in worship all weekend. A special highlight for me was Job & Maria, who while only speaking Spanish, stayed for it all. It was so good to have some of you truly bilingual folks make them feel welcome and interpreting for the rest of us during the weekend.

* None of it could have happened without the Volunteers. I love that word because faith is all about being a volunteer for Christ. Its all about serving according to our Scriptures. Jim and Selina – we are so grateful for your organization and oversight – for the many others who served – from setup to clean up to meals and various other tasks – Thank you! As a church family, we were blessed.

* And it doesn’t stop there – this THURSDAY – For all who attend SCCC while in SC, Dinner is served at 5:30 PM (please be there by 5:15, so we can keep things moving). Each of the folks who have let their names stand for the election of a Deacon role will share for 1-2 minutes about their reason for wanting to serve in this role, as will the two elders we’re inviting you to affirm. Elections and Reports and “Vision 2015” will follow. So much has and is coming together from the previous year. You will hear where we’re at and where we’re planning to go in 2015. Please accept this as your invitation to attend our “Annual General Meeting” if you call SCCC your San Carlos Church home.

* Did you get to see the “Greeters” last weekend? Some of the kids from Jesse & Jenny’s, dressed up as sharp as ever, greeting the folks as they entered. Brandon and Bethany taught them some English greetings and released them to bless you all as you came through the door! There’s kids everywhere at SCCC. It just makes us all feel younger when they’re around.

* This week’s Missions Opportunity is “feeding the homeless” at the train station in Guaymas. They leave the church on Saturday at 8:25 am. After hearing the missionaries this past weekend, maybe you’ve been inspired to see how God could use your gifts and skills in this setting. Why not give it a try.  Email Brandon at

* Received a note this week from our Treasurer that almost $5000 came in last week toward completing the building. Praise God for your generosity!

* “God’s Not Dead” was the movie last Thursday evening. What a treat to see a whole bunch of regulars and some guests as well, but it was also a treat to see all of you working together to make it happen. A number of new folks helping out – just made my day to see you serving together. Thanks Catharine and team. One new couple shared with me as they were leaving how moved they were by the message presented through the movie.

* Pray for the teams who left to go back into the mountains again this week. Jonathan Cargill is back and taking in a “hiking team”. There are no roads to where they are going. Some of the folks from the church have gone along with them. Art & Brenda, Rob Kehler and their respective teams are in the Sierra’s this week as well, presenting the Jesus Film, handing out Bibles and loving on people in the name of Jesus.

* Check out our website as many new pictures of attendees have been added. Go to the website and click on “Contact Us” and then on “Church Directory” to see the new additions. If you’ve not in there yet, talk to Jeannine this weekend and we will take your picture and “load you up” – I mean we will “upload” you! We’d love to include you.

* This weekend, we will continue in our series on the Promises of God. Had a great chat this past week with a person who expressed so clearly that believing God for Guidance (one of God’s promises) was a whole new realm for him. We had such a good time talking about who God is and how He interacts with our lives. This weekend, we will look at another one of God’s amazing promises. Love to see you there.

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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