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March 3, 2015 

Good Morning SCCC Family,

* Amazing – what a treat to see three of our physically closest neighbor families in church on Sunday. We’ve been in our home for one year now and have met a number of folks in our area, but till now, they had not checked out the church, but on Sunday, they blessed my “socks off” by their attendance. What fun to share with them after the service and to hear their personal feedback. I got to briefly meet a number of other new folks in the church on Sunday as well. The Lord is doing such a good work in our midst! Be commended for your invitations to bring people to church and/or to take them out for lunch after the service! Taking time, loving on and caring about them – that may just be what will make the difference of whether or not they will continue to investigate the truth claims of Christ.

* We have come to the end of a busy, but amazing month – beginning with the 24 hour Prayer Vigil; a Movie night, which included a number of new guests;  “New Beginnings” – our 2015 Missions Convention with 20 missionaries in attendance; the Annual Meeting, accompanied by an amazing “Roast Beef” Dinner and an opportunity to share our vision for 2015. The outline of Vision 2015 can be downloaded by clicking on the following link: . Three new deacons were added: Maris Kalmbach, Ruben Bustos & Richard Scapinello and two additional elders joined the team: Steve McLean & Buck Monza. Welcome to each of you. Also thanks to Brenda Koenes, Sue Marston and Dan Atkinson for your “years” of service. I know your hearts for the Lord continue to be your reason to serve, whether or not a title is attached to your name.

* As I reread the above paragraph, I’m reminded once again that everything that happens through and in our church family – happens simply because of your physical involvement and your prayerful attitude. Thank you for who you are. Our church family is blessed that you are a part of this great church.

* On Sunday, you will have heard the challenge David shared with us. An anonymous donor has offered to match dollar for dollar, up to 10,000 USD for any monies contributed from March 1-16 for the completion of the building project. That’s two more weekends to double the value of your gift.

* Please take note of several prayer needs this week:
1. Jerry & Flo Lebo are both facing health difficulties. Jim and Trish are on their way back to see how they can help. But please be praying for them.
2. Some of you may know Ann Harvey. Ann recently had a stroke, was taken to Hermosillo and then air lifted back to California. She is presently paralyzed on her left side.
3. Lupita (Dale) Charlick’s brother is having a growth removed from his brain this week.  He is only 40 some years of age and really needs our prayers.

* Check out our website as additional pictures of attendees have been added. The website can be found at Click on “Contact Us” and then on “Church Directory” If your pic is not there yet, talk to Jeannine and she’ll upload your “mugshot” to the SCCC Photo Directory. Pictures are free, however photo shop will incur additional fees! Good thing you all look so good!

* Jeannine and I are taking a little break in Puerto Vallarta this week and will be back for Wednesday of next week. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement last weekend. Its so appreciated. Little quiz for you though – How many Pemex’s in Mexico? hundreds, thousands, at least! However somewhere between Los Mochos and Mazatlan, there is a 88 kilometer strip which doesn’t have any Pemex’s. After one pays their 124 Peso toll fee and realizes the quantity left in the tank won’t take them another 88 klms, one can turn around and pay another 124 pesos to go back to the gas station on the other side of the toll booth and fill gas and then return and pay another 124 pesos to continue on one’s journey! Being somewhat frugal, that’s not very enticing. Being somewhat brave, one could risk it and see if the fumes will last 88 klms! Or one could do something else – someday, I’ll pull a “Paul Harvey” and tell you the rest of the story.

* This coming weekend, John New will be sharing some thoughts from God’s Word regarding communion. I’m sure you will be encouraged by his presentation. The following week, we will be back in our series on God’s Promises.

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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