Pastor’s Desk 2015-03-17

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March 17, 2015 
Good Morning SCCC Family,

* Oh, its so close, I can almost taste it! The Platform is done and carpeted. Thanks Frank, Vic, Alex and Roger! Now John & Ryan are finishing up the sound components. The screen was on its way up yesterday and the saga continues with just “one more permit”. Oh, praise the Lord for administration! Today, a few of the guys are cleaning up around the exterior of the building. If you’re around and could show up at 9 this morning, Brandon would appreciate your help. Saturday, the team is cleaning up the inside as they give the floor a major bath after all the construction which happened while the tile was already in place. On Monday, the 23rd, Earl will bring the new chairs over to the church – are we in yet? Not quite, but its close! Yes I’m excited and I pray you are too for our new beginnings in the new ministry center. Hope you can be here for our first service, to be announced in mere hours – lol.

* Don’t forget the annual Fish Fry, this Thursday at 5:30 at the church. Fresh yellow tail is happening and its gonna be as good as always. Bring family and friends and enjoy this great evening.

* And the following Thursday at 6:00 pm, Mark Mulligan is back to do a Benefit Concert of Gospel Music – everything from “Amazing Grace” to “Jesus loves you, the rest of us think you’re a jerk”. That song is one of the best sermons I’ve ever heard. Don’t miss this great evening. Admission is by donation. All proceeds will be divided and serve to replenish our Missions Benevolence and the charity Mark is working with. A great night to introduce a friend to Mark’s music and to our church setting.

* There was no Pastor Desk last week as we were just returning from a short break in Puerto Vallarta. The “small world” saga continues as we ran into Dan & Shirley, who were in “harbor” in Nuevo Vallarta. So we got to spend a day enjoying their hospitality and a cruise in the Bay of Banderas. Thanks guys, it was a real treat. Thanks John New, for the excellent presentation you shared on the weekend regarding Communion!

* I haven’t received the total from Sunday’s offering, but I do know that the 10,000 matching funds was exceeded in last Sunday’s offering. I’m sure you’ll hear an update on Sunday. Thanks for your generosity.

* A few weeks ago, I shared with you during the Message on “God’s Promise of Guidance” how a couple from BC, Canada were pursuing God’s guidance in the next steps of their life journey. Let me share the email I just received from them – “Just wanted to let you know we made it back to Vancouver Island safely after a brief visit with family in Oregon. It only took us a few days to realize that we are 100% committed to moving to San Carlos and becoming as involved with outreach as we can. We have listed our house and hope and pray that it sells quickly. In this market that would indeed be an answer to prayer. We leave the timing with God for only He knows what is best, but we would ask you to join with us in praying that the house sells, and that we are able to join you as soon as possible. Thanks, Brad and Barb.” It was such fun watching them as they determined through their time and involvement here, through meeting with people of God and through continued prayer to see their passion to obey His guidance. Let’s join them in praying for their home to sell.

* Mark & Keressa, friends who we attended church with in Puerto Vallarta, moved here last weekend. They too, felt so welcomed by you, the church family last Sunday. What a positive way to build the body. If you’re a fisherman and in need of a partner, Mark is chomping at the bit.

* Got a note from Maris – an easy way for us to help out the “Mason de Jesus” in Guaymas. They need large yogurt or like containers for homebound persons who receive meals. They deliver meals and serve 500-700 homeless on a daily basis. They also provide showers and ask for towels and soaps. Call Maris (226-1664) for pick up or bring them to the church.

* Ruben and Julia Bustos are looking for a home to rent for their daughter Julie and her two children from May to September. For more info, call 226-2206.

* Please note: Jerry & Flo Lebo are on their way back to Colorado to deal with their health issues. Please keep them both in your prayers.

* Lupita (Dale) Charlick’s brother had his surgery postponed because of High Blood Pressure. Lupita said they are hoping the surgery to remove a growth from his brain will happen shortly.

* This weekend, we’re back looking at God’s Promises for You and I. Lord willing, I believe we’ll be looking at God’s Promise of Wisdom. I know you’re all doing well in this regard, right?, but what does God truly offer to you and I. We’ll be looking at Solomon’s life from the book of I Kings 3. I encourage you to read the passage in preparation for the weekend services.

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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