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March 24, 2015 
Good Morning SCCC Family,

* Over and over – I’m hearing the statement – “we are leaving this week!” It caught Jeannine and I off guard last year, but this year even more. We’re always sad when we hear those words. And this year, it seems like so many of you just got here and now, you’re on the way back. We were hoping to have you join us for the first service in the new “Ministry Center”, and its looking like that may happen on Easter. But, we also understand that life works that way and we do understand that so many of you get to go back and enjoy those grandchildren that you haven’t seen for the last few months. We pray your journey home is a safe and enjoyable time! And “Lord Willing and the creek don’t rise”, we look forward to your return this fall.

* They tell me that Brenda and Team fed 229 at our Fish Fry. What a turn out and a simply delicious meal. We raised another 1360. USD for the Benevolence portion of our Mission Program.

* As you heard this weekend, Kanea, the little baby with the heart problem, (she is the little girl who we were able to help in their travel to Mexico City), had her surgery on Friday. On Sunday, she was still very unstable. I have no further updates, so hopefully that is a good sign, however we will keep you informed. This is just one of the ways, we’ve been able to utilize the funds put in place prior to the Building Project. Jim continues to connect with others who have needs and we rejoice in being in a position to help in these ways.

* Along that same line, Mark Mulligan will be with us at SCCC on Thursday at 6PM to do a Benefit Concert of Gospel Music. Mark, through his generosity, provides a great evening of musical entertainment and once again, admission is by donation with all the funds being equally divided between Mark’s missions and SCCC’s Benevolence Program. So if you can, why not bring a friend on Thursday evening for this inspiriting event!

* Semana Santa (Holy Week) is just around the corner and Mayra has put together an amazing initiative. Along with all the fun and games, on Thursday, the teaching will be one of reenacting the events of Palm Sunday. On Friday, they will focus on the events of Good Friday and then on Sunday, during the “Adventures with God” time, they will focus on the Resurrection. This will be such an excellent time of helping children understand what Good Friday and Easter (the death and Resurrection of our Lord) is all about. Encourage children to attend and if you’d like to help out, contact Mayra at Thank you Mayra for all you are doing! We are a blessed church. (On a separate note, Mayra would sure appreciate the use of some patio umbrellas on this weekend as the sun as already bearing down with a bit of heat! If you could provide one, it would be greatly appreciated.)

* There will be a Good Friday Service at the church as well, including Worship and Communion. The time of the service will be announced this weekend.

* This past weekend was one of rejoicing and if you haven’t yet heard – the first $10,000 matching fund to bring the building to completion was indeed matched, dollar for dollar. The additional surprise was that midway through the first match, a second $10,000 match was offered was presented to us. And (drum roll), the offering on the 15th was approx 17,800. USD and along with the $5000 from the previous Sunday, $40,000 + USD has come in to help bring the building to completion. So we are rejoicing in this great act of generosity. Thank you to all who participated and thank you to the two anonymous donors of the matching funds.

* Prior to beginning the building project, enough funds had been raised in advance to complete the new Ministry center, other than furnishings and air conditioning. However, with some of the extras and some of the changes which had to be made during construction, additional funds were required. And then with the additional transfer of the 5 church lots into the newly created Civil Association, and again, this was an untimely but necessary expense which allows us to better safeguard the large investment of buildings and land, we soon found ourselves short financially. Because of your generosity, it appears that we should be able to finish the Ministry Center, other than the air conditioners. I trust you are as encouraged as I am to see how much has been accomplished over this last year. Praise the Lord once again for His goodness to us.

* Allow me to rejoice a little more with you – after the platform was completed, another family from our church donated all the carpeting and supplies required to complete our platform and sound booth. What a treat to realize how much people love and appreciate this church and their desire to see it completed, so that ministry can be multiplied once again.

* Please pray for the Bustos family as the face the tragic loss of their grand daughter, Emily’s husband.

* On a more personal note, we signed our Trust for our home yesterday, just a little over one year after purchasing it. From what I’ve heard that’s pretty good timing. So we’re grateful for the way Thonda kept pushing through for us and making this happen so quickly and we are thrilled with the completion (I think) of this document. We have so fallen in love with this great country, but we are also very grateful when the “administration” components come together.

* Hope to see you Thursday evening as Mark Mulligan shares with us and for those of you heading home, drive careful and see you soon.

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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