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March 31, 2015 

Good Morning SCCC Family,

* The saying may be common in other places, but back in Canada, the month of March was often referenced by “in like a lion and out like a lamb!” If March opened up with nasty weather, it would most certainly end with wonderful weather and vice versa. This year the former certainly is holding true. However San Carlos entered “like a lamb” and this morning, its starting to feel like slightly “roasted lamb”. But it is Easter! Its warm and humid, but still wonderful!

* Mark Mulligan brought a magnificent Gospel Concert to the listeners last Thursday and did so in the brand new “Ministry Center”. Even though attendance for the season has already declined, donations for missions still reached 11,200 pesos. Terry Lynn Chalis joined in for both a presentation and a debut of her potential first “hit”. Daniel Abbate’s testimony of a healed marriage as a result of proof reading Mark’s book, “the Three Miracles” was inspiring. Mary Kay harmonized with Mark in another heart touching song. Just a great night, thanks Mark!

* Good Friday service this Friday at 10:00am in the new Ministry Center. Worship, Communion and Yes, and a surprise guest speaker for this first worship service on this so important day on our worship calendar. Sunday morning, we will off course celebrate the resurrection of our Lord at 9:00 am, followed by a “Potluck on the Patio” Brunch/Lunch.

* So thankful for all of you that signed up to help Mayra for our Semana Santa Outreach. Thursday and Friday 9-11:30 am and Sunday during the Adventures with God time. Mayra will be using the “older sanctuary during these times. Again, if you can help her with a patio umbrella for the outdoor parts of the event, it would be greatly appreciated.

* As we sat around the table with friends this week, we began to count the number of younger families planning, with the Lord’s guidance and help, to move to San Carlos with in the coming year. I think we’re at 6 families at this point. This week again, I got an email from Jeff and Charlotte, who are trusting the Lord, to help them do the same. They spent several months with us in Jan and Feb. So many of these couples have been so encouraged by the potential to retain a purposeful life by helping both in the church and with our local missions. How absolutely exciting.

* Dale and Lupita Charlick – Lupita’s brother, Martin, came through surgery very successfully yesterday as they removed some growths from his brain. Thanks for praying for him and please continue as he convalesces.

* On a very sad note, we received a phone call yesterday morning, and little Kenia who we helped send to Mexico City for heart surgery, passed away yesterday morning. She had rallied for a short period of time. Please keep her parents, along with their friends, Oscar and Rosey in your prayers.

* A note from Trish regarding “Jerry and Flo” – After three days of riding in the motorhome we took Flo to the emergency room at McKee Medical in Loveland. After two days of tests, she was transferred to an inpatient rehabilitation center–Northshore. She does physical and occupational therapy every day. The goal is for her to be able to walk and care for herself sufficiently so she can go home with some care. She is much more comfortable but still dealing with some neuropathy, weakness and confusion. On the other hand, Jerry has been dealing with discouragement and weakness. Please pray for wisdom and direction as to the right timing to release Flo from inpatient therapy and for the right level of home care for both. 

* Our missionary friends in La Mesa, have asked for prayer as some potential staff are coming to visit their site. They are also facing some huge mechanical issues with both their ambulance and their water truck. Both of these units are critical to the safe operation of their ministry. (Please note – Although most of you will know these folks by name, they have recently asked that the names not be used in our mailings in order to protect them from detractors, who could google their names and then go on to cause difficulty for them in their respective locations.)

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,

Glenn y Jeannine

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