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April 6, 2015 

Good Morning SCCC Family,

* Another beautiful morning in Paradise – cooled off nicely overnight and the sun is already shining! I know – soon it will be hot, but I’m sure enjoying what we have right now. Interesting though what we choose to focus on sometimes! I am so grateful for all that God is doing all around us. Easter service was such a highlight – great worship with all three worship team leaders participating; a number of guests in the church for Easter; God’s Word to remind us that God meets us where we’re at, He knows us by name and He has a message for each of us to share. He deals with our anxieties and our doubts and invites us to commit our lives to Him. A loving God who accepts us, forgives us, empowers us with His message and propels us into purposeful action. Who other than Jesus can offer that kind of value?

* The most excited person in the house on Good Friday had to be Paulette Penner. She and Judy Long did a masterful job of the readings. I think what brought such pleasure to me was simply seeing the appreciation in Paulette’s heart as she served our church family. Thanks guys!

* On Sunday, I think a third of the congregation stood to say they had been involved in some way in seeing the new Ministry Center come to completion. Thank you to each of you and there are many more who have already gone home who most certainly deserve to be included in this expression of gratitude.  Imagine with me – another point of time in History where God has provided for this church family and now, He offers you and I (the family of San Carlos Community Church) an increased opportunity to make a difference, to help others grow in their faith, to motivate others in their acts of service, to have an impact on our community for Christ and ultimately to bring glory to our Great and Wonderful God!

* A note from the Lebo’s – Friends here’s our final draft of Flo’s obituary. Thank you for your loving messages and faithful prayers.

Florine Christine (Flo) Bernhardt Lebo – 8/18/1930-4/02/2015

A Loveland native, born to Adam and Molly Bernhardt. Wife of Jerry Lebo for 67 years. Mother of Gary (Mary Ann), Gloria Littrell (Allan), Jim (Trish); grandmother of Marcy, Becky, Madison, Nickolas and Michael. Great-grandmother of Chandler. Preceded in death by her ten siblings.

Flo lived in Loveland where she raised her three kids. She was involved in the family car-dealership Lebo & Sons. She and Jerry enjoyed the last 42 winters at their home in San Carlos, Mexico. She was a Christian who loved family, friends, the outdoors, fishing and the Broncos. Flo will be deeply missed by all who knew her.

 A celebration of Flo’s life will be held Friday, April 10 at 2:00 pm at the Loveland First Baptist Church. In lieu of flowers, donations in her memory can be made to the San Carlos Community Church (441 North Grand Avenue, Suite 4 #552B, Nogales, AZ 85621) or Pathways Hospice (305 Carpenter Road, Fort Collins, CO 80525).

* So glad to hear from Dale and Lupita last Sunday as Lupita’s brother (Martin) was finally able to have his surgery last Monday. The four hour surgery to remove a growth from his brain was successful and it is believed that any potential cancer has been removed. He is home and resting comfortably. We celebrate with Dale and Lupita, Martin and her family. 

* Yes, San Carlos Community Church is officially back on Facebook. Brandon has set it up for the church. It is so much easier to post “on going” pictures of what’s happening through SCCC on facebook than it is on our website. It will also now allow us to post links to all the Missionary Newsletters which haven’t been getting the highlights or readership opportunities they so deserve. It will allow us to post a status regarding special events, new Bible Studies, completed Bible Studies with very little extra effort. It links back to our website and our website still contains all the relevant information as well. It is just one more way to communicate the activities of SCCC with you the church family. We hope you appreciate it. Simply go to facebook and type in San Carlos Community Church.

* Please note that there is one more session of GriefShare next Monday at 3:33pm. Thank you Bob & Marilyn for once again offering this ministry to the church family and the community of San Carlos.

 * Semana Santa – 80 kids on Thursday, 60ish on Friday and the regulars were there for Easter Sunday. We are so grateful for Mayra and Team and the work they did to influence these children for Christ. In Mayra’s Sunday report, she wrote: “We celebrated the resurrection Sunday with 21 kids, we remember how Jesus paid for our sins with His sacrifice because he loved us so much, and a little skit on how Mary found out that Jesus is risen! Also, the kids did a craft of the empty tomb. We prayed, sing Happy Day worshipping Jesus.” I love it. The old sanctuary accommodated them so well for this event. Howard’s students were also involved in presenting the Gospel message on Thursday and Friday. Pastor David from the Spanish Church next door, brought several children. Paslor Luis from Empalme also participated. Together for God – thank you for all you have done!

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine


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