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Good Morning SCCC Family,        

* Back in the saddle again and happy to be home in SC, especially after seeing the snowfall in Manitoba this past weekend. As some of you know, we have just returned from a break, up in Canada. We attended an excellent pastor’s conference in Vancouver. Two key things we took home with us – #1. was seeing and hearing about the effects of our denomination’s faithfulness in supporting missionaries both prayerfully and financially. What a treat to see this one denomination supplying the physical and financial needs of 300 missionary families around the world and for us to hear the stories of life change that came through these missionaries. 2. The Conference theme was “multiply” which was all about the churches who have made it their focus to reach out in an effort to impact their communities for Christ. The reality was that those are the churches which are left in “growth mode”. Testimonies of pastors with that type of leadership were wonderfully encouraging, especially since they reminded us of the hearts of so many of those who attend SC.

* But just as encouraging was our time with our families. Connecting with Jeannine’s sister and two of our children in Vancouver, then with my Mom and Mother in law in Manitoba. Both of them celebrate birthdays (82 & 90 respectively) and are both living in their own homes and driving their own cars. Both with servant hearts filled with a positive attitudes as they serve those around them. A real treat for me was riding along on the tractor and seeding unit with the fellow who farms our old farm. Wow farming just keeps on changing as all the controls are adjusted on a computer monitor, while sitting in one of those very comfortable seats. As he made the corner, the “GPS” put us back on track while the 70 foot wide seeder proceeded with planting the canola seed. Amazing! We also got to enjoy dinner with several friends and had one of those wonderful “Mennonite Dishes” at Rob and Sherry Kehler’s home. Another great treat. Then on to Niagara Falls with our kids, Justin & Melanie, who you may have met in January, when the two of us did a tag team message at SCCC. Yes we got to spend several days with our grandsons as well. I think a lot of you have the best grand kids in the whole world, but so do we! Five and two year of age and full of energy, mischief, love and Fun!

* We were saddened this past week by the loss of our friend, Walter Forester. In a split second, life changes. Our hearts break for Christie and I pray that if you have returned home, that you’d take the time to encourage her with an email expressing your love and care to her. Encourage her with a story, even a funny story about her and Walt. Simply love on her if you get a chance. Christie will wait until fall to have a memorial service for Walter.

* Yes, Youth Group happened last Friday. Way to go Justin, just over 20 youth at the church for a great worship time, followed by teaching, fellowship and fun. Keep praying as our youth strive to influence the youth in SC. Thanks Justin for your heart for Christ.

* The “Prayer Wall” continues to be our connection with each other, especially as our church family is so separated over summer. Please use this tool to share those requests which are on your hearts. I also  encourage all of you to open this online prayer wall as part of your devotional and prayer time and pray for those requesting your partnership in prayer. After you’ve done so, you can simply click on the prayer request and the person who posted it will receive an email saying that someone prayed for them. What a way to encourage each other in the challenges we face in life. Just a few recent examples include a request from Sandy F. for a friend’s 37 yr old son in law, diagnosed with Leukemia; another from Bob & Bev, whose daughter is part of a team doing reconstructive surgery for those wounded through the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine; another request from Christie regarding her great grand daughter, who had heart surgery last week Wednesday! Why not use this “Prayer Wall” as part of your small group or prayer group experience. Simply go to and click on “prayer” to utilize this fine tool.

* The second of those families who recently expressed a desire to move to San Carlos permanently, arrived the first week in May. Jeff and Charlotte, who coincidentally sold their home to Earl and Sonya, have now made SC home. We are so glad to welcome you to San Carlos and to our church family. If you get a chance, say hello to them this coming Sunday.

* Simultaneous translation is now in place in SCCC. As I shared the Word on Sunday, three of the folks put in the ear buds and listened to the message in Spanish! Praise the Lord that we can now serve our Spanish speaking friends in this way. To hear the Word in your mother tongue is so much more fulfilling and meaningful. I am so grateful to Miguel who gave of his time on Sunday to provide this wonderful service. We now have not only a bilingual children’s church, a bilingual youth group, and now we can provide the message in both languages. If you were there Sunday, Ryan led us wonderfully in using both languages during worship as well. Folks, we are moving closer and closer to becoming a “fully rounded” year round church which ministers to an international community.

* We have begun a new series from the books of the Thessalonians, which will certainly include looking at end time events. In my thoughts this morning, I was reminded again that Paul did not look upon the doctrine of Christ’s return as a theory to be discussed, but as a truth to be lived. You can review the introduction to this series at and click on “audio sermons”. It takes about 15 minutes to read the book of I Thessalonians, and reading the book once a week, would be a great way to prepare your hearts for what’s coming in this “Left Behind” series.

* Remember to check out the San Carlos Community Church’s Facebook page for ongoing pictures of events, missionary newsletters and ministry updates.

* I just received this note from Earl Harris as I was about to send this out. Please pray as he has requested: “My Nephew, Gary Kaminsky, is having an operation today for a foot infection.  He is diabetic and on dialysis, 61 years old.  His sister, Debby Kaminsky, has had two operations on her arms, and is also on dialysis.  She is going back to the hospital for a follow up examination.  My sister, Pat Kaminksy, is trying to care for them both, and at 82 years old is suffering extreme stress.  They all three live in Ohio.  Would you please put them on the prayer chain?  Thanks in advance.”  Earl 

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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