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June 16, 2015 

Good Morning SCCC Family,        
* Wonderful morning, still cooling off at night, but by 7am, the rays are at work again.  

* Just reviewing my inbox this morning and realized I have positive feedback for a bunch of answered prayers this week. 1. Nancy writes: “Thank the congregation for all the prayers for my Nephew Warren Wilson and his Kidney Donor Wendy.  The Surgery was a great success for both.” 2. Judith writes, “Prayer answered!  My sister Marjorie had her shoulder replacement yesterday.  The doctors say it went well . . .” 3. Keressa shared, “Betina is doing well.” 4. Howard thanked the congregation on behalf of Angelica, who is home on bed rest this week. They are waiting for results from further tests, but the prognosis seemed to be good. Thank you for the meals you have shared with them. 5. From Dean & Fran, “Fran is doing good on dialysis. She has gained 15 lbs back, sleeping good through the night.” Huge answers to pray. You can read more about these stories on the SCCC Prayer Wall.

* Yesterday, we received word that Jeff’s Father (Jeff & Charlotte Cosgrove), passed away. Jeff and Charlotte were on the road by late afternoon and are now driving back to Illinois. Please keep them in your prayers as they grieve the loss of their father and as they travel.

* Another great email from Stan & Joyce this week. You have to understand how Stan inspired me last winter. I think he was involved in most of the missions opportunities Brandon put together and he always came home with this “I’m happy” grin on his face. I think Missions renewed a passion in Stan’s heart as he also attended every Bible Study, Men’s Group and Service. Well, they are just as involved back home again, but allow me to share a bit of Joyce’s words, “We’re in an Act III group on Fridays at our church . . . Stan’s in a Bible study class and Men’s Breakfast on Saturdays. Looking forward to getting back to San Carlos and doing some more missions work with the church.” Love hearing from passionate people like that!

* Hannah and Kyler are kicking off a “Young Married’s” Bible Study on July 7th. So exciting to see another age group within the church taking the opportunity to minister to the specific areas they face in life. The class is called “Acts of Transformation” and meets the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month, 7pm @ the church.

* Date Change – “Journey off the Map” (VBS – Vacation Bible School) with the amazing Mayra, is happening July 13-17. After the service last Sunday, a lady came to Jeannine with a financial gift and said, “I want to invest in these kids.” The cost of the event will be subsidized and if you’d also like to invest in these local children, your gift will be greatly appreciated. Changing lives is what it’s all about!

* We do have some of our missionaries on the road this week. Brandon and Bethany leave today for Salem, Oregon. They are taking Kyle back with them. We have been so blessed observing his life over this last year. God’s best to you buddy! Devon and Marisol are on the road home to Canada as well. Please pray for these folks as they trravel, as they connect with their home churches and as they raise support for further ministry. Lord’s blessing to you all.

* Don’t forget, this Sunday is “Cookie Sunday.” If you can bring some, that would be wonderful. If you stay after service, connecting with someone new over cookies and Juice, that would be close to “awesome!”

* Back in I Thessalonians this coming Sunday, looking at Chapter 4:1-12. Ask the question, “what is God’s Will” and you will hear a plethora of explanations of what it is and how to obtain it. This week we will look at one particular truth that is clearly God’s Will for every one of us. If you can’t be there, listen in online at click on “audio messages” and/or send a request for the outline and we’ll get you one by email.

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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