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 June 23, 2015 

Good Morning SCCC Family,        
* Weather Report – down to 28 degrees this morning. Oh, but that’s 28 C. Heading for 35 C today, feels like AC might be comfy again! Good Morning SCCC.

* Please note the SCCC Financial Projections Report at the end of this email!

* We are finally getting there. This Sunday, we’ll be looking at Jesus return as seen in I Thessalonians 4:13-18. Its fun to look again at the events, the opinions about the event, the verses about the event. Will He come before, after or in the middle of the tribulation? Or is that the point? Will there be a literal millennium or is it all just metaphorical? What will His return look like – will we actually see Him on land or will he at least be visible from our earthly vantage point? What is the point of this passage? Looking forward to being with you on Sunday! Several of you who listen online have asked for outlines of the Sunday messages. If you’d like one in advance, please just drop me a quick email and I’d be glad to add you to the list.

* Glad to report that Angelica, although very tender, was back last Sunday. Praise God for restoring her health.

* Matt & Tricia Williard, along with Brianna, Trevor and Parker are the next new family who have moved to SC. From Indiana, they have signed up for a two year stint in SC. Parker has already been at Youth and it was a treat to meet the entire family at lunch after the service. Welcome to San Carlos!

* Another of our supported missionaries, Maggie, is on the road to CA this week. Please be praying for her as she connects with family and supporters at home.

* Bob and Maureen Davis are back in CA this week with Maureen’s sister and brother in law, Ric. If you remember, we’ve been praying for Ric over this last year as he battled cancer. Ric is in hospice and is nearing the time he will be with His Savior. Please pray for them as they spend this time together.

* An a different note this week, the “bean counters” (thanks Richard & Charlotte) have been hard at work and have a financial report which our Deacon Chairman asked me to share with you. As you may know, we have three categories of funds:
1. Our General Fund – (offerings and regular expenditures)
2. Building Fund (building completion – Handicap Access, complete A.C., Building asthetics, potential CFE requirements, balcony and water issues.)
3. Missions/Outreach Fund, (Emergency Funds; Benevolence; Children & Youth)
Note: The Building and Missions Funds are designated funds.

As of May 31, 2015 our balances were: (All numbers are in USD)
General Fund – 34,600.00 (US and Mex Accounts)
Building Fund – 24,825.00 (building / grounds completion)
Missions Fund – 49,028.00 (includes: 10,000 Youth; 10,000 Children)

Anticipated General Fund Balances for the summer months of 2015 are as follows but must include the following qualifiers:
1. Offerings remain at $2000. per month through summer.
2. Monthly Funds from GCF Canada remain consistent at 800.00 Cdn.
3. Monthly expenses continue to average 7400.00
4. No unexpected expenses grace our monthly general fund.

As you can see, each of these numbers is subject to change based on unforeseen situations. However we wanted to provide you with an as accurate as possible financial projection for this summer. I commend Richard and Charlotte for doing so.

Hence you have the following projected Month end balances for 2015:                   
May 31            – 34,600.00 USD                                                                                      
June 30          – 22,600.00 USD (includes Missionary Support)
July 31           – 19,700.00 USD
August 31      – 14,300.00 USD
Sept 30          – 2,300.00   USD (includes Missionary Support) Support)
October 31     – (-600.00)  USD (We could change this with your help!)

* Thank you for your generous giving in the past. We praise God for the ministry of SCCC. As I reflect, I rejoice: Spanish Translation is in place and drawing new attendees; Young Married’s Group starting in July; Youth has been in place for 6 weeks (1-2 new people on most evenings) Children’s Ministry now in place for just over a year (20 kids quite regularly, even in summer); new families in church; Worship team growth; Ushers/Greeeters/Fellowship People serving with joy!  Weekly Men’s Group, Ladies Bible Study and Mountain Movers Prayer all going strong this summer! God has blessed and we are grateful how both your prayers and your giving reveal your love for what God is and wants to continue doing through SCCC.

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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