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Good Morning SCCC Family,        

 * Mayra shared last week that we could expect 60-80 kids at our Church’s first VBS. Well “outdone” would be the word – 93 children registered yesterday for the first day of “Journey off the Map”. It will be a week of seeing lives touched by God’s goodness through all the volunteers. Crafts, food, games, teaching from the Word, and exhausted volunteers will fill the four hours which will happen every day this week. Well, the exhausted volunteers will make up their evenings. They’re actually very vibrant as they work with this busy bunch. There’s some great pictures on the church’s facebook page. Please take the time to pray for these children and the volunteers who will have a chance to share the Gospel with them!
* By way of updates: (much more detail on the website’s “Prayer Wall”)

1. Carol White’s grandson, Jesse had part of his lung removed this week. It was a complicated surgery and he is in much pain!    
2. Jerry Anderson’s surgery went well. He came home on Sunday.
3. Freda Toliver’s shoulder is pinned and supported by some “future looking”           device.
4. C W Woehr’s cast is off and he is back in the gym. Talk about dedication.
5. George & Barbara Anderson are staying in Phoenix for a short period of time as George recups from his recent surgery.
* Jeannine and I continue to connect with the “year rounders” and we had several great visits this last week, including a dinner with a couple we’d not been with before. She was one of the ladies who invited Christ into her life the previous Sunday. It was a great evening simply getting to know each other.
* We looked at I Thessalonians 5:12-15 this week, a great section on “church leadership and followership.” Only four verses, but filled with practical truths which remind leaders and followers about their roles in church, truths which remind us of actions expected of both leaders and followers, along with the attitudes which should accompany those actions. I continue to be in awe of the practical values of the Word of God as it directs us in being and becoming a healthy church.
            It was a great passage to look at after the previous three “hard hitting” weeks dealing with “Sexual Purity”, the “Rapture” and the Second Coming or the “Day of the Lord”. Paul’s intent in this passage was certainly one of encouragement and as such, was a very relevant challenge to leaders and followers of today’s church. You can listen to the message in its entirety at and then click on audio messages.
            Some of you have asked for the outlines of the messages so you can follow as you listen online. If you’d like to receive those outlines, please respond to this email and I’ll add you to the list.

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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