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Good Morning SCCC Family,        

            Let me try and paint a picture for you this morning – Imagine having 90-100 children (and under 12)! Imagine keeping them entertained and involved with each other! Imagine making lunch (picky eaters not allowed)! Imagine crafts which interest all of them! Imagine telling “God” stories from the life of Daniel and anticipating and observing their responses as the message shifts from Spanish to English and back, with the same fervor, intensity and passion in both languages! Imagine cleaning up after its all over, lol! As many of you have already seen and heard, that was life at SCCC last week.
            As I listened to the volunteers after the event, they were already dreaming of VBS 2016! So inspirational for me to hear. Each day, while truly amazing in itself, included an assessment of what they could do differently and better the following day. Richard said, “if we can do 100 this year, we’ll be ready for 150 next year.” That was the attitude of the week. Focused vision for all that God wants to do among us!
            The children – participated in games. Ryan, along with Richard had one game where they were jockeying cups of water back and forth. They laughed and loved it and were all soaked when it was done. But hey, so what, its 42C or 100+F degrees. They’ll dry in 3.5 minutes.
            The craft room was ablaze with parts to cut and glue and put in place. Nedra, Ruthanne, Heather, Jeannine, Donna, Ruth and others (sorry if I missed somone’s name) carried the load in this crowded chamber but each participant came out with something that would bless their mother, if you know what I mean.
            Lunch was amazing every day. Talk about pulling a rabbit out of your hat and staying on budget with this group. Well Jen, along with her team of Katie, Nayely, Christie and Jorge on table patrol got it all done. Christie, who manned the absolute hottest location to serve from, kept the kids and a few adults all “contento” and “tranquilo”. Many volunteers moved from one location to another according to the need. Marvelous job, well done! 
            Kaylee, Aaron, Aubrey, Leigh and Heather were part of Mayra’s teaching team who went above and beyond in sharing, guiding, role playing and producing a vibrant event which kept kids actively participating. I think there were a few times where Leigh helped those who lost their focus regain their reason for attendance. But wow, it was face paced and on target.
            One last story and one of the greatest reasons for VBS 2015 for every one of us. Jenny brought Juan C… on Wednesday. (Child and Family or DIF in Mexico) had dropped off Juan the day before. Juan’s mother dropped him off at Gramma’s house a while back and then she disappeared from the scene. There simply is no knowledge of her whereabouts. And Dad was also long gone. Gramma passed away on Saturday while waiting for a kidney transplant. There are no known relations who could care for him. Praise God for people like Jessie and Jenny, and for similar ministries like the Krahns, Maggie and the Kehlers. This little man attended for the rest of the week, was so well accepted and loved. A “little” word slipped out of his mouth one day and the other boys from Jenny’s soon reminded him that we don’t use those words at Jenny’s. So cute, so teachable as his peers helped him learn.
            All of these kids got to clearly hear the life story of Daniel, of his victories, of the troubles Daniel faced and how his God, helped him to conquer the greatest battles we will ever face. Through all the going’s on this last week, these children will have learned a little more about the greatest resource any one of us can employ, Jesus Christ Himself.
            My hats off to all of you who helped in any way – Mayra and team – you served with such a sweet spirit and gave it all you had to make sure these kids could go home with a greater understanding of what it means to walk with Jesus and how He walks with us. Thank you for all you have done!

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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