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Good Morning SCCC Family,

* A beautiful morning – several rains over this last week, very localized, as Guaymas got just over 3 inches (80mm) last Tuesday and SC got none, but very early Sunday morning, we had a wonderful rain accompanied by “fireworks” and some incredible “thunder”. I was reminded by days in my youth when we counted the seconds between a thunder crash and the lightning and by that, determined how far away the rain was. Don’t know if it was accurate, but it was entertaining at the least.

* Another new family in town – Ed & Jennifer Hudson, friends that we used to worship with in the Puerto Vallarta church, have moved here permanently as well. Arriving last Friday, they are diligently searching for a home this week and then headed up to the States for a month before returning to settle in. Jennifer did a masterful job of teaching us Spanish in our PV church. They were also so involved with children’s ministry to the local villages. Its such a treat to welcome them to San Carlos. Praying that you folks find that perfect home and that you enjoy the warmth of SC, no pun intended!

* Several new prayer requests on the “Prayer Wall” this week. Its so sweet to be able to unite with our church family through prayer, especially during the summer when so many are in distant locations. One of the most recent requests comes from the folks at the new orphanage being established by Brian & Clarissa Krahn. They are interviewing a couple as potential dorm parents this week. This is the next step for them after a huge building project. So much as come into place for these folks as they near the time when they will be able to expand their capacity for taking in children. Pray for them this week in particular. Heather Hicks, Cindy McLean and Carol White have also added updates and requests. Folks, this is a great piece you could add to your devotional times as you take the time to bring some of these requests before our Lord.

* We were totally blessed to watch a dozen kids from Maggie’s Place dance and worship to a “Spanish Worship” song last Sunday. These wee ones totally brought the house down with applause as they shared with us. There’s a video of it on the church facebook page and there’s a guy in the middle, who I think is loaded with talent and headed for the big leagues. You need to take the time to watch and enjoy these guys. Enjoy! * Devon and Marisol are home and back in the saddle at “Belen Casa de Pan” . These guys have done such an amzing job, keeping ministry in the forefront as they establish a new base for the ministry they began only a few years ago. Welcome home and God’s best to you as you continue ministering to the people of Indenpendencia.

* II Thessalonians was our new book of study last Sunday. Following the first book by this name by only a few months, it quickly becomes obvious that while this was a model church to the surrounding world, there were others who were causing grief in their midst and so this letter deals with many of the fears they were facing, fears that truly relate to where we as North Americans are at. I was intrigued in my studies this past week as I looked up the definition of “persecutions”, (found in v: 4). One definition reads, “a systematic attempt to oppress & harass Christians”. It hit me immediately as I thought about the significant changes happening in North American culture and the accompanying declining spiritual values. Maybe, at this point, the persecution is not impacting us personally. However it is impacting the governing of our nations and one wonders where or how it will impact the Christian population of our nations in the future. Its into this kind of a situation that Paul writes the book of II Thessalonians.

* This is the last “Pastor’s Desk” for a while. So many of you have expressed your appreciation of them, which is certainly encouraging to me. But to see all that God is doing around us is certainly encouraging and ought to challenge us to praise our great God. However, though God isn’t taking a break, (thank Him for that) the Pastor’s Desk and its author are. We will be leaving after the service next weekend and driving up to Phoenix. From there we are headed firstly to New Zealand, but ultimately, over to Perth, Australia to spend some time with our daughter. She’s been there for three years and now its time to visit her. We’ve never been to this part of the world, I think the dreaded 13 hour flight from LA to Auckland stymied us somewhat, but we are so looking forward to our time with Ashley and can’t wait to see her again.

* In the interim, the church will be well taken care of with Steve McLean, Ryan Thiessen, Miguel Cisneros and Howard Dyck sharing the Word. I know you will be encouraged and challenged as these folks share what God has put in their hearts for you. Encourage them, show your appreciation and enjoy what God has to share with you through them.

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,                                                                                         Glenn y Jeannine

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