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Good Morning SCCC Family,         

* Holidays are always fun and we’re grateful for a wonderful break and a great time away. We got to see a number of places we’ve never been to and best of all we got to spend a couple of weeks with our daughter Ashley in Australia. It was great to see her and to meet the “boy” as well. It was a treat to not only meet him, but to meet his family as well. Hum, I wonder what that means?

One of our highlights was visiting different churches. Hillsong Church in Sydney was amazing. To worship with the band “United”, who have written some great worship songs, was certainly a treat. But then in a huge church like that, to also be invited to a small group for the afternoon. So we found ourselves joining a “connect” group from Africa for potluck lunch, a meal with many of the dishes from their respective nations. After the dinner, one of the folks led a Bible study and then prayer time and once again, Jeannine and I were blessed to have them lay hands on us and pray for us and our leadership at SCCC. What an amazing experience when you’re halfway across the world.  

Kuta International Christian Church in Bali was another church that we simply loved. Paul Downie from Victoria, Australia pastors the church, a church about the size of SCCC, and with no less denominations represented than we have. But his message on Unity reflected their desire to focus on the core elements of Christianity – Salvation through Jesus alone, the Bible being the inspired Word of God, love for one another and reaching into the community with the Word of God. Bali is 80% Hindu and yet their message has been well received. We just finished studying Thessalonians at SCCC, which of course speaks to the issue of Christ’s return. So it was especially interesting to hear the Pastor speak to the issues of pre, mid and post tribulation return and all that and then to hear him say, “watch that you don’t miss the point. It doesn’t matter when He will return, what matters is that you will be ready.” I realized again, how every church faces the challenge of missing the main point of our faith and risks getting caught up in issues which really don’t have salvation related consequences. While the side issues are fun to debate and we have our favorite verses to back our conclusions, the main point still remains – Have you given your life to Christ and are you following Him with your whole heart?

Well enough about holidays. A cyclone hit just South East of Guaymas on Sunday evening and did some significant damage at Greg & Elizabeth Hovey’s new Dragon Fruit farm. If you’re able to help, some folks are meeting at the church at 9am this morning to go out and do some cleanup. A family from Florida was replacing the roof of a very basic home across the street from them yesterday. So good to see caring people at work. I understand the Krahns, who live just a little further east, have also been without power for three days now. So there are always challenges, which provides us with opportunities to serve.

Remember “Cookie Sunday” this coming weekend (Sept . 27) Bring your favorite cookies and let’s share a time of fellowship after the service. Meet some of the new folks who are worshipping with us.

Great to see Tiffiny Fisher and her three children at church the last couple of weeks. They have made a permanent move to SC and her kids are all in school here now. Janice Crowell is another new attendee who recently moved here. Welcome to each of you.

Greg and Shelly Neufeld, our missionary friends from Hermosillo, are hosting a “Burn Camp” at Art & Brenda’s on Oct 11th weekend. They are bringing about 20 children who went through the horrible orphanage fire back in 2009. These kids have suffered much loss physically and psychologically. If you’d like to help out, they are in need of 6 volunteers to help with crafts and with enough kayaks and helpers to take them out for some kayaking. Talk to Jeannine if you’d like to find how you could help out. Our home phone has been out since Sunday, so please call her cell at 622-105-8145 or email

Please continue to pray for John and Deirdre New. They returned to Vancouver Island last weekend where John will continue with some rehab to deal with issues caused by his recent stroke. He is in good humor and we’re glad he is doing pretty well.

Pat Nichol is in a Tucson rehab, also recuperating from her recent stroke. You can contact her by mail at: Devon Gables, 6150 E. Grant Road, Tucson AZ 85712. Room 58a; or call 520-296-6181

Please be praying for the News, for Pat, for the Hovey’s and the Krahns.

This coming Sunday, we’ll be talking about Baptism. This is in preparation for an upcoming baptism service at SCCC. We have 3, possibly 5, who have asked for baptism. If you have questions about baptism, join us on Sunday and we’ll share next steps with you. Baptism is my absolute favorite day in the church world. To see and hear people share what Christ means to them or what He has done in their lives is always inspiring. If you’re able, we’d love to see you on Sunday.

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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