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Good Morning SCCC Family,        
* We were driving through Guaymas last Saturday afternoon when the rain started. Several hours later, 4 inches had fallen. Yesterday, Jeannine and I went back to Guaymas, after hearing the Governor had declared “a state of disaster” in portions of the city. The unique situation with Guaymas is the rain which falls on the mountains in the center of the city, all has to drain through the residential areas of the city. While there is damage all over the city, Fatima was the area we focused on. We were stunned as we watched home owner after home owner literally throwing all their clothing and furniture out on the street. This was followed by a huge loader simply pushing all of those formerly precious items down to the end of the block where it was loaded into a waiting gravel truck. Having emptied the home, the next step was to shovel out the gravel, mud and garbage that filled their homes and yards.

Our next stop was Pastor Rafael’s home and church setting. Many of you may be familiar with Rafael and Marisella, as we’ve shared backpacks with them from the church. Art and Brenda have also partnered with them in many projects over the years. Water had flowed through their property, but there was little damage. Ryan was there as well and interpreted for us how their son, Junior’s home had been one of the flooded homes. As we arrived at Junior’s casa, they had an empty shell left, couches on the street and they had just finished washing out the worst of the mud. Four vehicles stood on the side of the street, totally unrecognizable, so damaged it was hard to identify what kind of vehicle it had been.

Without any exaggeration, the damage was simply horrific. Many of the homes are simply left with a stove and propane tank, the rest is garbage – beds, clothing, bedding are unwashable – its so filthy; food, groceries, it’s a mess, yards full of mud and gravel, streets washed away.

We talked with Phyllis yesterday from Siesta and she and the realtors are asking for SC people to donate and drop off any of the above items at the Commisario’s office in SC. They will then be distributed in Fatima. Please consider this one of the options in responding to their needs.

After discussing the situation with Ryan, we would also like to offer a second option. If you have good clothing, footwear, bedding and blankets, you can bring them by the church and we will bring them to Pastor Rafael who will distribute them to the folks in Fatima. He knows many of the folks and what their specific needs are as he’s been working with so many of the children in Fatima through his church. If you have some furnishings, (beds in particular), please contact Ryan and we’ll find an option to deliver them to Rafael as well. It was great to hear about a friend delivering 25 food hampers yesterday afternoon. Ryan is connecting with the Benevolence Committee at the church and they also hope to deliver some more needed Food hampers.

* I think what still strikes me is the reaction of a few of the people we met with in Fatima. In my weak Spanish, I was left to simply say, “los siento”. I’m so sorry for your loss. For most of us, the damage would have been utterly devastating. The response I received, was a shrug and a look which simply confirmed that though the devastation was great, (and I’m not trying to minimize their loss in any way) God would help them get back on their feet. In the midst of their pain, I same hope and even found myself encouraged.

If you can help, either through dropping things off at the Commisario’s office (by the SC police station) or by dropping your items off at the church, maybe we could be a small part of helping these folks get back on their feet.

* On another note, allow me to also remind and bring awareness of upcoming events. Those looking to be baptized are encouraged to attend the class on Oct 18th, immediately following the service. Baptism will take place on Oct 25 in the morning service. We are still looking for options of a tank we could place on the platform for baptism. If you have some options, please contact Steve or myself.

* Katie Kirk and Pat Nichol have now both returned to the USA. We will miss both of them, but we also know that health issues required this move. Their forwarding addresses are:
Pat Nichol – 518 Tivoli Ct. Altamonte Springs, FL 32701 (321-279-3826)
Katie Kirk – c/o Kristine Metiz, 4505 Neta Drive, Killeen, TX 76549 (254-213-3590

* Burn Camp – Shelli is bringing 30 children, who went through the 2009 orphanage fire in Hrmosillo, to SC this coming weekend for a retreat and a chance to touch their lives for Christ. Thanks for all of you who offered to help with kayaks and with crafts. I trust you will be blessed as you serve our Lord in this very special way!

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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