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Good Morning SCCC Family,        
* “Burn Camp” – Greg & Shelli Neufeld hosted an amazing camp last weekend, accompanied by some volunteers from SCCC. Our folks were able to help out on Saturday with Kayaking and Crafts and they also provided some home baked cookies for these kids. The Edge donated 5 kayaks for them to use and the Hoveys brought several more. You can find some great pictures of these volunteers doing their part on our church’s facebook page. These kids grip your heart when you realize the pain many of them have gone through since the 2009 Fire. Hat’s off to Greg & Shelli and the team (mostly) from Winnipeg and the SCCC folks who cared for these kids like they did.

* What a response to the Fatima flooding – On Sunday, you may have seen a number of boxes in the foyer, all of it going to be distributed by Pastor Rafael and team. One of our “winter” men, who is part of a men’s group in WA in the summer, emailed me and their men’s group is sending a donation, another couple sent funds for hampers, others are asking how to send good bedding as they won’t be here until Christmas, another family will be here by Sunday with a van full of materials, others are looking for a way to send needed goods. Wow, I praise God for generosity like this. What a treat to hear about generous people responding to people who lost so much so quickly.

* News Alert – Sometimes you’ve got to let people share their own good news, so next time you see Brad and Barb, ask them what happened last Sunday! I call it a whirlwind – things don’t happen slowly around these folks.

* Remember “Baptism Class” this Sunday after the service and the Baptism Service on Oct 25th.

* Mark, Elsa and Marcos Mulligan, along with our own Dan & Linda Abbate leave on a Mission Trip to Guatemala this week. They will be working in the mountains near Coban and ask for our prayers re: health, safety in travels and effective ministry to these folks. On another note, Dan also shared how their associate Pastor Jorge (early 30’s), from their new home church in Puerto Penasco, has been diagnosed with a kidney disease that will cause total failure within a short time. Please pray for him and also for the 28 folks headed to Guatemala on this Mission Trip.

* Spanish Classes will resume Oct. 23 at 3:00pm at the church. Jennifer Hudson, Julia Bustos and Keressa Beverage will head up several levels of Spanish instruction for those of us who are “communication challenged” when it comes to connecting with our Spanish speaking friends. They are all experienced teachers for which we are so grateful. Ed & Jennifer Hudson and Mark & Keressa Beverage moved here permanently this summer and have been wonderful assets to our church family. Many of you already know Ruben and Julia, who have been part of our church family for a while.

* In recent months, and in many different settings, I’ve heard a number of conversations about fears that people are facing. How do we deal with those fears? Should fear be a normal experience for believers? Should believers ever be afraid? What does fear say about a believer’s relationship with Christ? Or does it say anything? What does the Bible say about fear? Can Jesus help us overcome our fears? If so, how? On Sunday, we began a series, “Living a Fear(less) Life”, which we will continue to develop over the next few weeks. Don’t miss it. This is a subject that every person, believer or not, faces in the context of living out their lives.

* So many folks are touching base with us by email, saying they’re “coming home” to SC for the winter. We’re excited and looking forward to another great winter of ministry. We’ve been really blessed to see all the involvement this summer, new people have moved in, guests continue to attend, four new families visited last Sunday. Its not like we’ve been on hiatus! But for all of us to all be back together again causes me to wonder what God will do through this church family this winter. I pray you’re also thinking how you will participate in God’s great plan for our church family in the days to come.

* Thought for the Day – This is part of the devotional I read this morning. For space sake, I’ll share the intro only, which already is great food for thought for each of us. Bob Gass is the author: “Critics, coaches, cheerleaders” – Critics point out what’s wrong, and leave you feeling bad about yourself. Coaches show you what you did wrong, teach you how to do it right, and leave you feeling better about yourself. Cheerleaders lift your spirits, offer their help, and assure you that you can succeed if you keep trying. So which of the three are you?” – “Like apples of gold in settings of silver is a word spoken in right circumstances.”  Pr 25:11 NAS

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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