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Good Morning SCCC Family,        
* The house was almost full on Sunday. There were 240 chairs set up and there weren’t many empty ones. Mayra’s class stayed in for the service as some of those being baptized were peers from her class. The highlight of the morning was certainly the baptism. As per pastor’s style, I asked the boys (without much warning) several questions before they were baptized. I love the spontaneous answers people give and the boys did well. In spite of the intimidating environment of being in front of the congregation, everyone of them had a favorite bible story and they related some application from it. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard so much positive feedback from a service. So many folks were moved by the events of the day. Happy tears, laughter and joy revealed the Spirit of our Lord’s presence in a wonderful way as God was touching each of our hearts.

* Although we were unable to get a digital recording, the sound guys were experimenting with a video recording and if it went well, I’ll send out a link next week. There is some great pictures loaded on the Church facebook page of the baptism.

* A group from Miller School of the Bible in British Columbia joined us for service on Sunday. They will be here for two weeks, taking an accredited course in missions at Centro Educativo Cristiano here in San Carlos. This is a brand new concept, but what could be more practical than teaching missions students a course on missions on the mission field? Hats off to Howard and team.

* Another highlight for November and December. Lord willing, we will be hearing highlights from one of our missionaries every Sunday from now till Christmas. We’ve already heard from the Dycks in Sept (you can listen to it under sermons on our website Sept 12), the Van Kirks and Tjernlands in October and we hope to hear from as many as possible over the next two months. You will get to hear the stories of these incredible servants which we get to partner with for the Kingdom. This coming Sunday, you will literally hear about a TOTAL MIRACLE!! You will also note several new missionary newsletters on the church facebook page. This is such a neat way to make the newsletters of these folks available to our entire congregation. Enjoy as you read what the Lord is doing through these folks.

* Spanish Class was a blast. Part of the class is done in one group and then the class divides to work in beginner. intermediate and advanced levels. The goal of the class is to help us be fluent in our current conversations with our Spanish speaking friends. Please feel free to join the group on Fridays from 3-4:30 pm at the church.

* Yay, Brandon! – – – Next week, Brandon will begin presenting weekly options for you to participate in a project at one of the local missions. Last year, we saw 61 people who had not been at any of our local missions prior to this project, come out and help. They got to see these ministries first hand, they got to help out in some way and they got to see other ways in which they are able to serve the Lord. So get ready to sign up and to challenge the borders of your mind with new opportunities. It is such a privilege to be able to see God’s hand at work in these places, but to participate in some way, makes it even better. 

* King’s Kids Fundraiser at the church on Nov. 14 @ 6 pm. More info to come.

* Women’s Bible study resumes this Wednesday 10am @ the church. This study is six weeks in length and focusses on the life of Ruth.

* Thank you is all we can say. The Thursday evening Potluck was an appreciation evening for Jeannine and I. I’ve probably shared it before but every personality experiences appreciation in different ways as we all have different personalities – thanks God! But when we went home and read the letters after the dinner, we were wonderfully overwhelmed. What an act of kindness on your part. But I shouldn’t be surprised as that is the nature of the church we get to be a part of. Thanks for taking the time to share what you did and thank you for all the neat gifts and thank you to all who were part of making this evening special for us!

* This coming Sunday, we’ll continue looking at the issue of fear. I think we are all impacted in some way with fears which threaten to hold us back, to keep us down and to hinder us in doing what the Lord has prepared for us to. The Bible has some great stories of people who became heroes for God because they chose to trust Him, rather than being driven by their fears. We’ll be looking at another of those stories this Sunday and I invite you to pray that God will show us a practical application of His Word for our lives!

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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