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Good Morning SCCC Family,        
* A great morning in SC – just the right temp this morning, beautiful shades of red in the Southern skies, mostly quiet, other than my neighbor filling a tire on his golf cart with a noisy air compressor. But if that’s the worst part of the day, then we’ve still got it pretty good!
* Never dreamt that a series of messages on fear would generate such a response as we’ve seen over the last few weeks. The Scriptures declare that “perfect love casts out fear.” I’ve often wondered what that really means or how does it become a living reality in my own life? Hands went up all over the auditorium Sunday as we prayed together that God would expel those fears in our lives as we began to understand that God loves us perfectly right now, right where we are. Out past experiences may hinder us in loving others, but our past doesn’t hinder God’s love for us. As we saw in the life of Peter, God chose to love him, in spite of Peter’s denial and understanding that love, moved Peter from a coward to being one of the greatest witnesses for the Kingdom we’ve ever known. Could it be the same for you? As God replaced Peter’s shame and fear with His incredible love, God is willing to do the same for you and use you for His glory in ways your never dreamt.
* FYI – A new Bible Study with Sue Marston on the subject of “Faith” begins Tuesday, the 17th at the church. This is in addition to the Wednesday 10am Study on the book of Ruth at the church. Men’s group continues Thursday mornings at 8:30 @ Tequilas.
* Typically, I use this forum to discuss what God is doing in people’s lives and in the life of the church and I am eternally grateful for all He does in touching people’s lives here in SC, both in the church and in the community. However, yesterday’s Deacon Meeting warmed my heart in such a refreshing way. Although God continues to do amazing things in our church family, there is a whole lot of often unrecognized people and processes which go on in the background which make His Work possible. So, I guess I’m still speaking about people, huh! Without this foundational base, we’d be at quite a crossroads. So thank you to each of you!

The morning deacon meeting began with such a positive encouragement as Art shared from God’s Word about working together for His glory and I think the foundation was laid for all that followed. Seeing the needs moved this team into action.

1. The folks have continued to add more chairs to the sanctuary seating for the last 3 weeks and again, it was almost full on Sunday. So Ronnie and Grant are proceeding with next steps to our balcony which will create seating for roughly 70 people. Their words – “we’ll take care of it”, not we’ll see what we can do, but “we’ll take care of it.”

2. After 6 months in the new building, some of the weaknesses/shortfalls are becoming evident. Some smaller items need repairing, need some “hot” water in the new washrooms, taps, toilets, etc. Here’s the presentation, “here’s a list of what needs done and I’d be glad to take care of it”. Unanimous response from the Deacons. “Great, do it!” Go Ruben and Grant!

3. We’re short in the area of safety items – Need some “first aid” kits, fire extinguishers and some signage. A few moments later, Lynne and Maris had brought a solution to this concern.

4. Bob Gibson – The Finance committee will be meeting shortly to work with each department to establish budgets for 2016. You say, well of course. No, its never happened with this vigor and transparency. Our ability to produce meaningful financial statements has been so enhanced and will allow for greater than ever transparency at the AGM. Bob’s Words, “hope you’re good with that. We’ll be starting shortly.” Thanks Bob

5. Lynne – Asthethic needs, more tables, Christmas tree, telephones, etc would be a wonderful addition if we’re going to make this place functional and attractive. “I’d be glad to take care of it if you like.” Thanks Lynne and Maris.

6. Handicap Parking and Access are in the works! Thanks Ronnie, Ruben and Grant!

7. Monthly Potluck dates for the coming winter were established and it all just went off without a hitch. Lynne is mentoring Tiffiny, who has offered to oversee the Potlucks, setup, etc, and who will become our new “Potluck Lady”. The next potluck is Nov. 19.

8. Jim will be meeting with the Missions Team next Tuesday to continue building ways to better connect with, support and pray for our partner missionaries. They are establishing such positive relationships with these missionaries. We are moving from being a “check sending” church to being in relationship with our missionaries. Hat’s off to you Jim!

9. The Deacons, Elders and spouses are getting together for a “Welcome Home” dinner next week – for a time of fellowship, fun and future building. Looking forward to a great evening.

I know I may have missed some other things which were addressed. I’ve just been sharing these off the top of my head, but what thrills my heart is the behind the scenes faithfulness which allows our church to be effective in pursuing all God has for us in this great place!

Oh, one other piece of good news – money is in the bank for all the above. The church is debt free and came through the summer with a $20,000 USD residual in our General Fund and another roughly $20,000 USD is available in our building fund.

When the Finance Department did its summer income/expense projections last May, if all things had continued as per previous years, we would have ended the summer (Oct 31) with a $2600 USD deficit in our General Fund! However, like I’ve shared, we have $20,000 USD in our General Fund with our missionary support paid out until the end of the year. Somebody say, Praise the Lord!

In our Nov 22nd service, we will introduce all the Deacons and Elders present to you and you will get to connect with them after the service on another Great Cookie Sunday. I knew you all would be grateful to hear a little of the behind the scenes stuff. I trust you will take a few moments to express your gratitude to all those who so willingly serve our church family.

Have a great week serving Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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