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Good Morning SCCC Family,        
* Kind of unusual weather this last week. Don’t want to blame those who are coming in from “lesser weathered” parts of the world. We’re so thrilled to see so many show up and some of you, much earlier than usual. But you got to “shake it off” before you leave that Northern location. This is as close to Paradise as its gonna get, so let’s not mess it up. “Shake it Off.”
* You folks are amazing. 20 people went out to Ancla de Amor (the Krahn’s orphage) last Wednesday to serve, encourage, hang out with, work and enjoy each other’s company. What a great day and what a positive way for our church family to build a relational connection with the Missions we are partnered with. If you missed their thank you video last Sunday, you can watch it at Thanks Brian, Clarissa and team for hosing us and way to go Team SCCC for giving up a day to serve others.
* On Sunday, you got to hear a short presentation from Devon & Marisol Kehler related to their mission in Independencia (Guaymas). And this coming Saturday, a team will be leaving the church at 8:30am to serve there for their morning Feeding/Ministry Program. If you’d like to go, connect with Brandon ( and he’ll be able to help you out.
* I believe they’re going to start tiling the balcony this week. Ronnie and Grant have a railing concept in place with both “safety and visibility” in mind. Our foyer space at the back of the sanctuary was pretty much eliminated last week with the extra chairs which were required. So with the balcony coming together, we’ll be able to seat at least 70 more people when this initial stage is complete.  
* A “younger man” visited our church last Sunday for the first time. He was down to his last hope, which he thought might be the church. Pray for him this week. Life change may be very difficult for him, given his circumstances, BUT we serve a God that can reach into the most difficult of circumstances. He’s promised to try and be at Men’s group this week as he wants to build a healthier peer group for himself. It would be so cool to see God touch his life, Amen?
* A men’s group, from up North, took up an offering amongst their men and sent me a check to disperse through Pastor Rafael in Fatima, after the recent severe flood damage. I get to deliver it this week. What a treat to connect dots and help others. Hat’s off to that Men’s group.
* Don’t forget –  Cookie Sunday this weekend and as a bonus, we’re going to “name tag” our deacons and elders who are present that day. Our transient nature keeps us from getting to know who does what, so we’ll tag and label them after the service so you can eat a cookie while you meet and greet them and thank them for all they do.
* So looking forward to our “Fall Kickoff” Dinner with the elders, deacons and their spouses on Wednesday evening. We all have different roles in the building of God’s Kingdom here in SC, but as we spend time together, we all get to focus “as one” on the things which are in the best interest of our church family. We all covet your prayers as we work together for God’s glory.
* This Sunday, will be our last message in the series on Fear. There simply has never been so much positive feedback as we’ve looked at this subject which catches every one of us off guard at some point in our lives. So much of what I’m learning simply comes back to “do I trust God in my daily life situations?” Or “do I turn to my own strengths and skill sets to overcome the situations in my life?” For myself, the answer seems to be easily discoverable when I evaluate my personal “fear levels.” The other piece that was meaningful for me this week is understanding what keeps me from loving people the way God loves them. Once again, isn’t it really fear (intimidation, feeling threatened, seeing differences in how others do life, etc) aren’t all those things at the roots of our fears? And then when we discuss those differences in a spirit of love, so much of our fear is dispersed. I’m grateful for all your feedback.

Have a great week serving Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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