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Good Morning SCCC Family,        

* Did you notice the date? December? Uh huh, 24 days till Christmas! What, we just had that a month and a half ago! How can time go so fast? But it does, doesn’t it? I’m sure I’m not the only that feels that way. We did get to slip in on a Thanksgiving meal with some folks from the church this week. That’s two thanksgivings this year, so we’re pretty thankful to do turkey x2! So even though time goes fast, its still a great ride!
* So neat to see so many of you take the time to bless Mayra tangibly last Sunday as she celebrated her birthday! She is so deserving of our appreciation. This week she is in the mountains doing ministry, but she will be back to serve again on Sunday.  
* Praise the Lord – The Missions Tour for this Friday is full. 28 people had already signed up within 15 minutes of the end of the service. This is going to be an amazing day for each of you as you get to see our partner missionaries in their own setting. Be ready to leave the church at 8:30 and we’ll do our best to get you back before 3, hopefully sooner!
* Just a reminder that the volunteers going to Devon and Marisol’s on Saturday, are leaving the church at 8:30 sharp. One group will be painting, the other helping with the feeding program. Contact Brandon if you’d like to help – .

* Love the spirit of generosity that overwhelms our church. Only 17 of the original 45 stars  remain. Each star representr the little children from the orphanages which we are connected with. Our hope is that each of these children would be able to open a gift on Christmas Day from one of the folks in our church. Pick a star, you’ll see the name and age of the child, buy a gift, wrap it and place it back under the tree.
* Several weeks ago, Gabriela sent me an exciting note from a recent time at thePrison Ministry in Guaymas. She writes:
  “Praise be to God for His Grace and Mercy. The meetings at the Prison in the women´s section continue every Monday morning (10 AM-12 noon). We requested an extension to 2 hours instead of 1, and it was granted. Every time we share the Word of God in that place it brings us joy and humbleness. God had been working in these ladies’ lives in astonishing ways and our lives are blessed as well!
  Last week we asked if someone was interested in being baptized, and one lady stepped forward. Now we are praying for a date and a way so it won´t be “a waste of too much water” as we were told by the administrator. Pray for this as more than one may be willing to do so!
  It might also be the weather… but I do believe it is the Lord´s work: last Monday 13 women gathered with us besides 6 seated a little bit separated, certainly listening and some also singing praises along with us.
  We appreciate your prayers and thank all of you who have contributed in providing for hygiene items, badly needed.”
         So happy for you Gabriela and team. What a treat to see God at work in the prison. Heather Rix, Nancy Dreiling & others have also been involved in this unique ministry.
* The local Baptist church (next door) and Pastor David, are hosting a Christmas Fund Raising Dinner on Dec 18 at 6:00pm. The night consists of a Mexican meal, a small Christmas program and a great time of fellowship. Grant Dafoe and Brenda Koenes have tickets for sale. Cost is 150 pesos/person. This is a great way to support our nighboring church. 
* Save the date and come fill backpacks at the church on Monday, Dec 7 – 9am at the church. We could still use more supplies (hygiene items, school supplies and toys in particular for age 9-12 boys.)
* This week, I was honored to participate in the Dedication of the new Rescate Building. The building is dedicated in honor of Pat Holloway who attended our church until her passing. Much of her family, her husband Gene, sister in law Phyllis, along with several children and grandchildren were all in attendance for this very special day as they honored Pat and dedicated the new building. Its such an honor for our church to be represented at these community events.
* Chuck and Nancy will be leading us in Communion this Sunday. Many of you are aware of Chuck’s Jewish background and his great understanding of the early traditions of the church. You will be blessed as he leads us in celebrating the communion service.
* Last Sunday, I shared the church vision for 2015-16. It is so neat to continue to build on our reason for becoming a church a number of years ago – Missions. It is our hope that through our mission connections, that we can reinvigorate the faith of those who are perhaps coasting a little and secondly, that we can encourage those very folks to invite their Card playing, Yacht Club attending, Deportivo eating, Rescate serving, Golf, Biking, Athletic clubbing, etc. friends to come along and get involved in some great acts of service at our mission centers. We are trusting God that this will lead to many conversations about Christ and/or the why of Faith and hopefully opportunities to see others make Jesus their Lord and Savior! If you weren’t there, you can listen to it on our church website: Click on Audio Sermons for this and previous messages.
Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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